What’s the current version of Channels DVR?

Every so often, my Toshiba Fire TV will tell me there’s an update for the app. It even goes through the motions of updating, but the version doesn’t change. It stays at 2.1.10.


You must have enabled the beta program via getchannels.com/beta

On the settings > about tab inside the app it shows the beta version number.

Nope, not the beta. Honestly, I didn’t even know there was a beta app for it, since I’m still rather new to using the app.

Ah ok, the beta is only on the Google Play store not Fire TV.

That's the latest version for FireTV. I don't know why its telling you there are updated- that's a question for Amazon as all updates go through their store.

So, I contacted Amazon FireTV support, and, I'm sure it comes as a surprise to absolutely NO ONE, they say it's an application problem, and to contact the developer.