Which cloud drive to use?


Apologies if this was asked before, but if I wanted to have Channels run on an external cloud drive (hooked up to my Mac and my wireless network), which is the best to use? I want to do this since I will be traveling a lot and sometime my iMac has logged out or not working. I want to have a stand alone drive which I can put the Channels sever on and maybe even have it plugged into my UPS. Thanks!


By “cloud drive” do you mean Network Attached Storage (NAS)? If so: I’ve been pleased with our Synology DS218+, so far. We’ve had it a bit over a month. Hasn’t skipped a single beat.


Yes, I think NAS but I also think there are cloud drives out there that run on your network without a computer like this…


I’m guess with the above, you won’t be able to put the Channels server on it so that it can be “stand alone” without a computer?


Cloud means “The Internet”.

Personal Cloud means “LAN (LocalAreaNework)”.

Personal Cloud is just a marketing term for a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device on your internal network (LAN), i.e. in your home/office behind your router.

You have to look at the specs of each NAS to determine if it fits your needs.
Kind of like being your own personal I.T. department.

Personally, I love Synology NAS’s.


I looked at NAS’s, and with a drive, your looking at almost $500. Cloud drives won’t work?


No such thing as a “Cloud” drive unless you’re thinking Dropbox kind of stuff and then no.


So this wouldn’t work…


I don’t think so. I don’t see a Channels DVR app for it.
You also have to consider if you want it to have the horsepower to transcode content for remote viewing.
I’m assuming you’re looking for something to run Channels DVR on?


Yes, but not something that will end up costing me almost $500.


OK, was just trying to help with the terminology.


Check this link https://community.getchannels.com/dvr#install-wdmycloud


The link goes to a generic page.


If you want external access, which requires transcoding, it requires a bit more progressing power than the less expensive NAS’ offer.

In any event: The WD “Home” devices are no go. They’re not supported by either Channels’ or SD’s DVR software. The older WD “Personal” NAS’, such as this one: https://www.amazon.com/Cloud-Personal-Network-Attached-Storage/dp/B00EVVGAC6 are, but no remote viewing with that one. Insufficient go power.

Yes. That’s the list of supported platforms.


i bought a 2 TB version of this. They did make an app for it. i tried it but it wasn’t powerful enough for me. I think it had trouble doing more than 2 streams, where i get up to 4 going sometimes. i ended up giving it away.


I balked at the price of a diskless Synology NAS 6 years ago when I was looking for a NAS.
The more I learned, the less I balked.
Kind of like when you’re first introduced to the Apple eco-system.
I’ve been happy with my purchase ever since and it’s still going strong.
Looking to upgrade it next year.


You mean the WD MyCloud Personal? Interesting. A guy over on SD’s forums swore he’d run up to six streams on/off one.

Same story. I started out thinking a WD MyCloud Personal. Then it was a Synology DS218j. Then I finally decided to go for broke and go with the DS218+.

Yes, it is exactly the same as entering the Apple ecosystem. I now have a NAS that does everything I want, without breaking a sweat, and I can use it to do even more.

E.g.: I’m now looking at leveraging the Surveillance Station and I’ve already played with NFS exports to our main LAN server. Thinking on that latter is that, once I get the 2nd drive added, for RAID 1 (SHR), and a backup solution, I’ll move all our photos and any local videos over to it.


No, the WD MyCloud Home. and Im big on Commercial Skipping, so even just watching Tonight show recording while recording Seth Meyers and Comskipping Tonight Show killed it. but thats 4 nights a week for me. this is why i run an i5 6gen. others may have the patience. slow devices like this are why comskip should be able to be scheduled instead of always running immediately. i love that i get all my commercial breaks filled in within 3 minutes, but if i were on a budget, i’d want that to happen overnight.

id have to see if i still have my WD MyCloud Personal. i think it works better for SD than Channels. i couldnt see giving up all the cool stuff like Remote access and comskip just to run more streams on smaller gear.


Since you don’t want to spend the money on a true NAS we could look at this…

Why does it log out or not work sometimes? The uptime on my iMac is 24 days right now, and the last restart was for an update. The uptime on my NAS is 22 days (and that restart was an update, too). I use my Mac for the server and the NAS for the storage since the CPU in my Mac is a LOT better than in the NAS. Both are hooked up to an UPS, and you seem like you already have one of those.

I have my Mac display set to turn off after 5 minutes, but to never go to sleep. Sometimes for some weird reason (prob my kids on their account but I never tracked it down), it would still go to sleep so I got the app ‘Amphetamine’ and use that all the time now. That’s set to never let my Mac go to sleep as well as the Energy Settings for the Mac, and since I added that it’s never gone to sleep


I thought neither SD’s nor Channels’ DVR software would run on those.