Which cloud drive to use?


I don’t know what to say other than it does and I did.

if that isn’t enough, the links for install are available on the DVR page for you to try:


Oh, I see the install for the “Home” version now. I stand corrected.


Sorry, I’m having a hard time following the above. So can I use a home cloud drive (not a NAS) and which one do you all recommend?


MyCloud Home is a NAS. Any type of harddrive with a network connector is a NAS.

The MyCloud Home is supported for Channels DVR. It is one of the lowest cost NAS available that works with Channels DVR. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and the low cost means it has a limited CPU so things will be slow. Commercial detection will take a long time for example.


So by commercial detection being slow…it will just take some time to do that. If I don’t need to watch the episode right after it’s recorded, I should be fine, right?

Anything else will be slow?


Depends on how much you plan to watch and record at the same time. It could be laggy loading guide data and listing your recordings.

You can always try it out and return it if you don’t like it.


Thanks. So any “top of the line” cloud drive that you would recommend?


Top of the Line “Cloud Drives” would be a more traditional NAS…like Qnap or Synology. This term IMO is just a marketing ploy to sell an inexpensive NAS. Most buy these as a low cost backup solution and network file availability.

The Synology DS218+ suggested by @jseymour is probably your best bet for a NAS ($300 but you have to add a disk). This then gets you to about $400+…close to your unwanted $500.

Suggestions on mac by @timstephens24 above may be a good short term solution for you…until you feel confident that the costlier investment in a “true” NAS is worthwhile.


Please lose the “cloud drive” terminology. There is no such thing. It’s marketing drivel. (The whole “cloud” thing is marketing drivel, actually. Using “the cloud” usually simply means storing your stuff on other peoples’ computers over the Internet.)

The devices you’re talking about are Network Attached Storage: NAS. They’re really just specialized computers with (potentially) lots of storage. They are used primarily for network attached (file) storage, thus being called NAS’, but many of them can be used for a variety of purposes.

Many of them can be easily-confgured such that the stuff you store on them can be available to you anywhere you can get an Internet-connected network connection, thus the “personal cloud” moniker.

If you’re going to invest in a NAS, the minimum I would suggest would be a Synology DS218+ ($298), QNAP TS-251+ ($329) or WD PR2100 ($359). Then add a WD Red drive of the size you like ($90 for 2TB, $120 for 4TB). Two drives in RAID 1 (mirrored) to protect your recording investment.

Yes, it’s expensive. My recommendation is based on what’s worked for me (DS218+), what I’ve seen other people say has worked for them, and what I’ve seen others say hasn’t worked that great for them.

But before doing that it might be wise to run the DVR on your Mac for a bit to find out if that’s really what you want to do.

Transferring DVR files to new drive

Don’t forget Ebay. Picked up a pr2100 w 16TB(was advertised with 4 TB) for $300.


That can lead to disappointment, frustration and wasted money if you don’t know what you’re doing and/or you’re not an experienced eBay buyer.


That’s why I use PayPal. I had a problem 2 months after purchase, vendor was gone. Got a refund.


Have you considered a Shield TV + USB hard drive. Should cost no more than $300 total


Good idea. However, I would rather just use one interface, i.e. AppleTV rather than switch over to another box.



Stuart’s suggestion doesn’t mean that you have to use the Shield TV as a client. You can still use your Apple TV.

The Shield TV + USB 3 drive provides a unique solution…it can be used as Channels DVR (Server) and/or Channels client (viewing, setting up recordings, etc.).

It isn’t a NAS nor traditional PC/Mac, however it has the higher specs required to run Channels DVR server.

If you do not need a NAS for other requirements, then it is a slightly cheaper option than a traditional NAS but capable for your use. Also, if needed you could use it as another client (on another TV/monitor). And for any android apps, similar to apps available for Apple TV.


Exactly. Also can be used as a Plex server for local media if you wish


Interesting. I will keep this in mind.


Silicondust recently sent an email with coupon for $20 off Shield.

I already have a Shield in addition to 4 ATVs, hence no need to utilize.

Thought I’d share my code, for anyone interested: mx3ib2hwp
Utilize at: