Will Channels work on a Toshiba FireTV?

Hi all - is the Toshiba TV w/ FireTv builtin compatible with the Channels app? I’m assuming yes, but thought I’d explicitly ask.

Also, not sure what CPU specs are in the Toshiba TV, but does anyone have experience w/ that TV? How does it perform? Just curious on if it’s snappy or slow, etc.

We’ve had one user try it and there were some issues, but they’ve been fixed in v2.0.2 which will be released tomorrow. It seems to work as expected, but I haven’t tried it myself so I can’t comment on how snappy it feels.

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I just ordered the 2020 Toshiba TF-55A810U21, does anyone have issues with Toshiba FireTV TVs today. (The original post was from 2018). Thanks!

It works fine on Toshiba FireTV.

Thank you Edwin. Do you know if it supports pausing live tv like Roku smart TVs do.

Channels DVR has full functionality including play/pause. HSHomeRun APP Emby etc.. also work. I have a 32 INCH one in my small office and I added extra storage to it using USB to increase my buffer.

Forgot this ...

The New UI is kinda sluggish on it the original Android UI performed much better on it.