Windows 11 & Android Sub System

Just wanted to share this with everyone that on the windows insider beta (not dev) you can now install and sideload (with a little bit of work) android apps! So obviously the first thing that I installed was channels app. The app installed and fired right up and seems to work pretty well too on my i5 surface laptop. I did have to change the video decoder to hybrid first for the video to work.


That's really cool..... Ty 4 sharing. I want to upgrade to Win 11. My laptop fails install. So Win 10 still.

How smooth is the video playback?
I did this with Bluestacks in Windows 10 and the smoothness of the video was not good. Hockey especially.

no issues at all on play back very smooth, however my i5 did not really like it fans spun up really quick. Thinking that is partly to do with the virtualization that is happening.

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I have Win 11 Dev on my old Dell Precision 5510 laptop since the very first leaked beta image.

The OS works fine even though, now i complains the hardware is not fully supported, but it still installs all updates.

I am guessing since the Linux subsystem is a separate install process, it will not allow me to install it on "unsupported" hardware. I have looked around to see if there is a bypass or workaround.

Really would like to have a Channels app on PC and so far, this new Android emulation thing of Win 11 looks like the only way this will happen.

Too bad MS is being so annoying with hardware restrictions. The laptop i have is more than capable to run the new os and features, and many others far more technical and public have proven so.
It also will not let me change to Beta channel without having to do a full wipe and reinstall, to wich, i hear now, it will not let me install it on the laptop, unless i use the modded image to bypass the requirements.

the laptop has a i7-6820HQ cpu 32gb ram and a Nvidia Quatro GPU, with a 4K touch screen....but that is not good enough for MS.

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I have a Surface Pro 4 I want to install it on and it's not good enough for MS! I'll be using a workaround to get it installed, but only after the Android sub-system is official and I can confirm I'll be able to run it. It's the only thing I want!

Here on my everyday driver (that meets all the criteria) there is not a chance I'll be doing the install before SP2 (or whatever the equivalent is). The machine I have my Channels Server on shouldn't even have Windows 10 on it, so it certainly is never getting upgraded.

Preach, brother!

I also tried Bluestacks on Windows 10 and had good results so the underlying hardware may make a difference. My processor is a AMD Ryzen 9 3950X and video card an Nvidia RTX 2080Ti and the system has 32-GB RAM.