Windows DVR BUG: Glitches during recording

Happened on a couple shows now. It stutters or is severely pixelated for a few seconds then clears up. The sound pops, but then is clear even though the picture is distorted. When the picture returns, it appears to be running at a faster frame rates for a couple seconds, then settles down and plays normal again. Happened 2-3 times during at hour show.

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I am still experiencing this stuttering, and it is limited to DVR recordings, and not live TV. Not sure how to provide detail, so I recorded a clip of the recording as it is played on the ATV. I will send a OneDrive link so you can see the video clip.

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Anyone still seeing these issues? I made some improvements in how the DVR buffers data a few weeks ago that might have helped smooth out any intermittent recording issues.

Funny, I was going to create a post. I replaced my AMD X2 dual core with an i7 3.4 ghz and still seeing digital pixelation with harsh digitized audio pops at times. Anything I can look for to correct this? Already tried different hard drives in current system running win 7 pro.

Digital pixelation artifacts and sound pops almost always means a bad antenna signal. That wouldn’t explain why it happens on DVR only and not live TV though…

I am using cable TV connected to my HD prime 3. It is connected to my 1 gig network as is my PC. It has never happened with live TV.

I have the same issue on my Windows 10 PC but my iMac works. I have recording same show on both. Never a issue with iMac or live TV.

Okay, sounds like perhaps its a windows-only issue? I will try to create some recordings on my windows DVR to see if I can reproduce the problem.

Maybe next time you notice a recording glitch, you can look at the Log to see what was happening at the time it was recorded.

So for example you’re watching The Voice and 20min into the recording there is a glitch. Check when the recording was made (for example 8:00pm) then add 20min to that, and check the log to see if there was anything around 8:20pm. It’s possible that running comskip or processing other recordings can impact the recorder on windows.

I’m thinking about subscribing to Plex pass for 1 month to see what happens with their DVR recording. It’s too bad as I love everything about this app on the Apple TV.

Will do, will remove com skip as well to see if that has any impact.

It definitely sounds like this is a windows-only bug, so I've split it out into a new thread.

In fact, now I remember that @Jay78412 reported this last month to me via email, and even shared some screenshots which show that the DVR will randomly stall out and stop receiving video data over the network.

Normal operation:

Then sudden stop for 5-10 seconds:

Seems like there’s a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 10 here, so probably not related to a specific version of windows.

If others can leave the Task Manager open during a recording and confirm the same behavior, that would be helpful.

Also definitely curious to hear if it continues with commercial detection disabled.

@Jay78412 Do you see this issue recording from both Cable and Antenna?

What model HDHRs do the rest of you have? Anyone using a legacy tuner (HDHR DUAL)?

I use two HDHR Primes.

@Jay78412 If you can reproduce this problem in the Task Manager, right click on Channels DVR and select “Create Dump File” and then email the file to me.

I received a dump file, but it wasn’t very useful.

Instead, it would be very useful if someone can visit during a stall-out, hit File>Save, and email me the results.

Watched a show for the first time that was recorded without commercial detection and 10 minutes in it started to glitch. Looked in log and there is absolutely nothing. I am using an i7 optiplex with 8 gig running at 3.4 GHz. It’s not that my PC specs aren’t good enough, and as I mentioned earlier I have tried multiple hard drives. I did see last night a new version was updated on the server, any chance that addresses any of these issues? Also, I have still yet to ever see this on live TV ever, only recordings. Thanks for the help.

Watched several recorded shows this week and still way too many glitches and the wife is pissed. Nothing at all in the logs, will monitor the community but I need to test the waters to find a solution that works on my equipment.

Can you maybe upload one of the recordings to google drive or similar and send me a link?

I got a sample file from @Scottteller where there were 4 glitches lasting 2-8s in a half hour recording.

I wonder if @TricBox, @mavsfan815 and others using the DVR on windows have seen any issues like this?