Writing dockers for Philo and other services

Hi guys,
I wanted to see if there is an interest in writing a docker for Philo? I would think it might be easier to use a docker for Stremium. If a docker was designed for Stremium, it would allow for channels to access multiple services.
Would be neat to learn what's involved.

Confused. You can already add Philo as a TVE source. What would a separate Docker container do above and beyond that?

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The existing Docker images designed for use with Channels (Pluto TV, MLB TV) are only possible because their streams are transmitted in ways that are easily compatible with Channels DVR. You’re not going find a Docker container that cleanly grabs streams from Philo, Fubo, Sling, or other services that have DRM, and the required workarounds to make something like that work would require a lot of effort + maintenance. I wouldn’t hold your breath if you expect someone to pursue it in their spare time.

You’re better off using Stremium directly or looking into PlayOn Cloud, which does import into Channels.

Hi there,
Thanks for the prospective I enjoy the dockers we ahve and i do subscribe to Stremium.
I just feel their platform is incomplete.


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Any updates? Have you gotten anywhere with this?

I wasn't sure what this docker thing was about so I searched and found a Frndly TV Docker. I'm pretty sure that's DRMed too no?

Nope. On Frndly, there were a couple of channels a few months ago we think were DRM streams, but they changed back to stream types that Channels can use. As of right now all the Frndly channels are playable in Channels through the awesome Frndly TV for Channels docker (with Frndly subscription).