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I sent you $5 via PayPal. I love it when people make more stuff for channels dvr.

Sadly I've never tried friendly.

How many of its channels actually come through?

thank you :slight_smile:
they have 20x channels which all come through

I also sent you an email about Samsung (I already had done that yesterday):

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Installed, seems to work great. Thank you so much, I have donated a bit! :slight_smile:


Awesome I'll do the Samsung tonight. I added it as custom channel. It works ok-ish. The guide is lackluster that way. I'm excited to have a docker for it

Omg I'm going to have so many channels
Dish (family member)
Samsung (ill add tonight)

My guides going to take a hour to scroll through. Ty.

This is a great community

I have docker running on my MAC mini intel version and when I try to fire this up using your template from Github i get this error: -bash: !K: event not found

This is on the Frndly TV setup.

@matthuisman: That's cool, I can see all 20 Frndly TV channels in the guide now. :slight_smile:

However, I can't seem to find an EPG for it? Did I miss it?

I was waiting for that answer before I trialed it.
Nothing in the setup instructions about assigning an EPG source.

I think you need quotes around your PASSWORD=xxx, so -e "PASSWORD=xxx"

The epg should come in automatically if you leave the xmltv area blank. It uses station ids in the m3u to map the guide data.


Yes, it seems to be working now! :+1: :star_struck:

And now The Weather Channel is back in Channels DVR. Plus the Game Show network! Life is beautiful. :grin:

@matthuisman: your PayPal balance is about to increase slightly. :slight_smile:

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How to set geo location for Local Now. I'm in Birmingham but getting Manhattan Weather.

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oh right. I set an x-forward header to a USA ip address so the streams work everywhere.
I'll do an update soon to instead use your own IP address, but allow setting an IP via environment variable if users want a different location

If you pull latest image - should now work using your real location

Default now is to use your own IP address.
If you want a different location or in a non supported region, you can set an IP environment variable for the IP you want it to use for your location

Readme has been updated


I tried that but it didn't work either :frowning:

Hm, try with single quotes maybe?

Or you'd need to pick a new password without a ! in it

I reset the password without any chars just letters and numbers and used the example from the last github post it looks like it tries to run but at the terminal prompt I see "dquote> " for some reason.

That means you started a " but didn't finish it.