XMLTV from Channels?

Increased limit in new build.


May I ask what is the limit now ?



I have been having issues getting consistent results. Haven't had the time to track it down. Changing the limit seems to have solved it for me. Got 7 days of data for all (except pluto of course),
Now it is time to play around!

Thank you!

Would it be possible to add the <previously-shown> tag to the XMLTV feed for episodes that are repeats?

As some background, I'm using Channels as a tuner for NextPVR, and since I have to pay you all annually to do that, I thought I'd use your guide data instead of Schedules Direct (to save me $25 a year). I'm able to import everything into NextPVR using the M3U and XMLTV urls, but old episodes of series are showing as new episodes (and thus being scheduled to record) because the XMLTV feed lacks the information to tell NextPVR whether the episode is new. It's not a huge deal, as eventually everything will be marked as recorded or canceled, but it does mean scheduled recordings I have for only new episodes are just any episode.

The tag can be empty (i.e. <previously-shown />) or include the original air date (<previously-shown start="20101010" />), but it should only be present if the show is actually a repeat.


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We use <new /> on all new airings. Is that not supported by NextPVR?

This appears to be a problem with NEXTPVR as Emby does not have that problem. Maybe ask Sub to look at this.

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Thanks for that information. The examples I had (and posted in the NextPVR forum) didn't have <new /> (because they weren't new), so we didn't think to check that. NPVR does support the new tag from Schedules Direct feeds, so I think I know what I need to ask him in terms of an XMLTV feed.

Just to get some closure on this, I posted something on the NextPVR forum, and sub said that NextPVR does support the <new> tag, but because of the variations in XMLTV feeds, it was set to only support it for feeds with certain header types. He's added the Channels header to the group that supports the <new> tag for the next version. Thanks again for the info and help on this.

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Would including the original air date for a program be possible?

Is the original air date provided by the eps provider or is the use of the <new /> flag an effort to reduce the XML file size or improve system efficiency?

Isn't that what the <date> element is for?

On a separate note, I just looked at an XMLTV file from Channels, and the <new> element uses a closing tag, rather than just an empty element (<new />). Is this intentional, an error, or just a fluke? (I thought the DTD specified new as an empty tag, not a paired tag.)

Jellyfin also sees all the episodes as new and it came from emby. Still trying to figure out how to fix that for either Plex or jelly fin

Emby sees them correctly the problem is Jellyfin. Jellyfin is probably way behind Emby updates.
For Plex what I did was use the Plex guides as they allow for multiple lineups now.