"Your Channels DVR Server could not be discovered" via Wifi connection only

Mac mini Server, Channels DVR ver. 2020.11.07.0256 running seemingly correctly on Mac mini server

The Server is connected via Ethernet to Netgear Orbi AX6000 model RBK852. There is an unmanaged switch between the Router and the Server.

Some Clients (AppleTVs) that are connected via Ethernet work fine, but client devices that connect via Wifi gets this error message ("Your Channels DVR Server could not be discovered").

Interestingly, if I manually type the internal URL of my server in web browser (Safari) on a wifi connect iPhone, it is able to connect (I see the server status page), but when I set the up the client app with the same URL get "Error, Channels DVR Server was not found at"


You need to enter only the IP into the app without the http or 8089

Same error

Yet On the same device this website loads

Can you submit diagnostics from the app after the error? Are you using a VPN?

Diagnostics submitted. No VPN

Thank you!

Hm the connection to the dvr is coming from your external IP instead of internal.

Can you make sure the orbi firmware is up to date?

We have seen a similar problem on Eero when their Secure HomeKit setting is enabled: Can't discover DVR at home on some devices

Router firmware ver.

Says no update available.

Somehow the packets are not being routed correct. Is the orbi the main router connected to the internet? Or is there another cable company router also involved?

You could select Away From Home during connect then change Internet Streaming to Original

The Orbi is connected to cable modem (Model E31T2V1 provided by Charter/Spectrum).

Here’s another weird thing. If I connect the server to the local network via Wi-Fi instead of via Ethernet the clients all work fine.

Is the Orbi in AP mode or router mode? Just want to make sure you're not having an IP assignment conflict.

Router mode, the cable modem is not a router

Anything else to try to fix this?

You may want to reach out to Orbi support, as this appears to be a network issue, not a channels issue.