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Is it possible to have a YouTube livestream as a custom channel?

This would be really useful - especially in the UK for live news. We have separate apps for Sky News and Euro News neither are available (in HD) through antenna, but both stream live on youtube. If it was possible to get the youtube livestream inside channels this could be used as a custom channel as the EPG data already exists using a SKY TV guide.

It's impossible to get an m3u from a youtube live stream, so being able to access the streams would be amazing.

You can use with our Custom Channels feature

If it's impossible to get the static URL for a stream, how is Channels supposed to retrieve the stream? Is this just a euphemism, or are you being serious?

If the former, does this mean you just don't know how to find it, and you're asking for someone do the integration for you?

If the latter, why not ask for them have Channels unlock time-control vaults at indeterminate banks for easy withdrawals?

I meant it wasn't possible to get an m3u URL from a Youtube Livestream and was asking if it would be possible to put the direct link to a youtube live stream into channels.

For example use this link instead of an m3u.

Sorry if that wasn't very clear, I'm just getting started with this and thought I'd ask the question. Certainly not expecting anyone to do anything for me.

Haven't posted in these forums much, glad people are so welcoming.

Aren't they on Pluto or is Pluto a US thing only?

youtube-dl is your friend for finding streaming urls for things.

The only news on Pluto UK is Cheddar.

As the devs already suggested, the easiest way to do this is to use youtube-dl (or streamlink) in some way. I've used both in Docker containers to get YouTube streams into Channels.

If you're looking for a non-Docker solution, I've also successfully used a simple script with youtube-dl and set it as a scheduled task on my Synology every 3 hours to save the stream URL to a local file, which I then point Channels to. This works because the stream URLs typically don't expire for at least 4-5 hours.

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hmm, I seem to get the below error when installing to docker on raspberrypi - is there a pi version?

standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error

Hi all,
i'm clearly not at the level many are but i know enough that if i can generate or get a m3u i can get it to work in channels as a channel for me. this i came upon and this would be my holy grail of channels it has real time live ATC and ADSB data funneled through ms flight sim to generate this "simulated environment" in real time with real liveries and real atc.
can anyone convert and send me m3u? or "it doesnt work that way bub" here is step by step for you...???? thanks in advance....
i would simply like to view this on my tv within channels but since it has audio and data streaming (you will see as soon as you watch...) it just seems uber cool to me...
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Would you be able to provide the script and instructions for how you can schedule this task? I have a stream link as well that changes every several hours and right now all I know what to do is go get the new link every time it updates and paste it in my Channels custom channel settings. I am using Windows though so Iā€™m not sure if that will work. I do have Docker Desktop for Windows running with some very basic knowledge and have the Pluto and Stirr containers running successfully. Appreciate any help you can offer.

I use a scheduled windows batch file that funs every two hours using ffmpeg with the -f and -g switches to grab the m3u

You mean youtube-dl, not ffmpeg? :wink:

Yes Youtube-dl. I have the Youtube-dl executable in my ffmpeg folder. Why? Just because. :blush:

Here's what I have. I basically just overwrite the m3u8 every 3 hours, probably similar to what @meitis is doing.

printf '#EXTM3U\n#EXT-X-VERSION:3\n#EXT-X-STREAM-INF:PROGRAM-ID=1,BANDWIDTH=2560000\n' > /volume1/web/m3u/FILENAME.m3u8 | youtube-dl -g '' >> /volume1/web/m3u/FILENAME.m3u8

Wow! Thanks for this info! So, do I simply need to create a windows batch file then (.bat) containing this code you just posted and then set windows task manager to run it every 2,3,4 hours, or whatever?

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Hopefully yes! I haven't run Windows on my personal machines in years but you should be able to use that code (or very similar to it, there might be some syntax differences?) to refresh the URL in a local m3u8 file. And then use a path to that file in your custom channels config in Channels DVR.

In my testing I got 4+ hours before a YouTube stream URL expired, so 3 hours should be sufficient. You can always change your config and refresh it more frequently if they change things around.

Fantastic! Can't thank you enough for your help with this!