YouTube TV adds Captcha to sign in process

Looks like authentication is failing on TV Everywhere for YouTube TV. This might be why:

The captcha generally only appears when you're using a VPN or non-US IP.

I was using YouTube TV without problems

It was working fine for me too. The captcha is something new.

I got it sussed.

Seems you need to enter your full Gmail address as the username. I had left off the part. It is working now.

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I'm trying to authenticate my YTTV account for the first time into my pre-existing Channels DVR service -- for which I've never had any prior problems authenticating other streaming services including Locast, Vidgo, and Sling TV, among others. But the YTTV connection just isn't working.

I'm using my full Gmail/Google address as the user ID with a current version Firefox browser when trying to get YTTV to authenticate TVE on Channels, and it's still not working. I don't get any "Captcha" error screen, but I do consistently get this other error screen:

And, got exactly the same failure error when I switched out of Firefox and tried instead using a current version of the Chrome browser that was already logged into the Google account used for my YTTV subscription.

And I doublechecked to make sure I was using the correct and accurate log-in credentials for my YTTV account, successfully using the same credentials to directly log-in to my YTTV account via both the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Haven't seen anything here, as yet, that suggests a solution to this problem?

Others are having this issue as well. Some have managed to get it working. I think you’ll find most of that detailed info in the thread dedicated to YTTV. If all else fails, moving channels into a Docker container seems to be a pretty universal fix but that adds complexity and requires some technical chops.

He's talking about this topic

Yes... I read the thread... The issue for me was, it wasn't clear to me when people talked about creating a "new account," just what kind of new account they meant...

New YTTV account? New Google account? And used how. Thankfully, others replies to clarify...

Entirely new Google account that they added to their Family profile in their existing/original YTTV subscription, and then using that new ID/credential to attempt the TVE authentication in Channels.