2.1.14 crashes on startup - Firestick 4k

Not sure if anyone else is having an issue but as of yesterday both of my firestick 4ks running ChannelsDVR 2.1.14 have been having a lot of issues. Yesterday it started with only 2 or 3 channels showing in the guide. After some time and restarting of the fire sticks and force stopping the app a few times the guide once again fully appeared. However it is now crashing while launching. I get the spinning purple circle for about a second and then the app just crashes. I am now going to attempt to uninstall and reinstall, but didn’t know if anyone else was experiencing an issue.

Just to add..I have uninstalled and reinstalled. The app now launches but once again only shows 2 channels in the guide.

Can you copy paste what's shown on

[{"DeviceID":"13137226","DeviceAuth":"Rz6Sdv9uHKKYzyKzeEB7jqcm","IPAddress":"","TunerCount":3,"IsLegacy":false,"FriendlyName":"HDHomeRun PRIME","FirmwareName":"hdhomerun3_cablecard","FirmwareVersion":"20190621","ModelNumber":"HDHR3-CC","Lineup":"USA-NJ67300-X","Channels":null}]

Just an update. One firestick is working fine. The other still only shows 2 channels in the guide. The data pasted above is from the firestick still having the problem. Please note also that under tuner in settings it shows that it found 394 channels.

Can you open the DVR web UI then click Scan Network in the sources area. Does it show channels on that page?

FYI both FireSticks have been stable for the past 2 days now. Thank you for attempting to help out.

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