Ability to exlude keywords?

On Tivo, I had the ability to exclude keywords from their wishlist searches which is kind of like Channels Advanced Passes. I'm trying to set up an advanced pass to record Nascar races, just the races, not practices and qualifying. On Tivo, I could exclude keywords for exclusion like -practice, -qualifying, -post race so that only the actual race was recorded. I'm not seeing a way to do this other than manually skipping unwanted recordings of practices and qualifying. Any ideas?

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There is a != condition, but doesn't seem like that really helps here.

We may need to add an EXCLUDES similar to the existing CONTAINS clause.

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Thanks for the response. There doesn't seem to be enough flexibility in != or at least I couldn't make it do what I wanted.

The exclusion would have to apply to the EventTitle which is the only place Practice, Final Practice, Qualifying, etc appear.

EventTitle: "Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race, Practice"

Currently advanced passes only allow EventTitle CONTAINS

I've created a simple advanced pass that gets all the live races

That looks like a workable solution for me. Thanks.

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In the next pre-release build (v2019.10.12.0011), I have added an EXCLUDES operator. It can still only be used for a single match though, so it wouldn't fully cover your use-case above (excluding both Practice and Qualifying).

Not sure how it's setup, but if you could EXCLUDE EventTitle CONTAINS ", " (comma-space), that would work in this case.

Current work-around is

It works if you use EventTitle EXCLUDES ,
Just a comma eliminates Qualifying, Practice, etc.

That seems to work great for me. Thank you.

Not sure if you saw this.
Issues with EXCLUDES and !=