Adding PlutoTV and changing channel numbers

Hi, is there a way to add PlutoTV and it not try to map over existing channels? Is there a way to remap or have the channels DVR assign them different channel numbers?

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There are a couple of different ways to do the remapping.
This is one way:

Another is to edit the M3U file that you can output from Channels. Add/Change the channel numbers and then use that M3U as a source for Channels or another client that accepts M3U files.

Thank You, I will look at both. Not sure I know how to edit the M3U file.

I use Notepad++ for editing M3U files.

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="watchfree-mystery" channel-id="9002" tvg-chno="202" tvg-logo="" tvg-name="WatchFree Mystery" group-title="HD",WatchFree Mystery

This is an example of what I use.
tvg-chno"###" is edited to change the channel number.

Be careful of the formatting of the file, easy to mess it up. Which will cause issues if not fixed.

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What existing channels is it mapping over?

If you select "ignore channel-number" when importing the m3u, there should be no conflicts

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I will try that. It is mapping over any channels in the 500-700 range which are a lot of my current cable channels.

The Pluto docker doesn't use channel numbers in that range, so I don't know where they would be coming from.

Thank You, I just redid it and did as you instructed and that worked. Thank You.

I don't have WLS enabled or using Docker. Would that be better to do?

Are there some directions to follow to setup WLS2 with Docker, so it updates the Pluto Guide, so far I am only using a basic add so it only show the channenl name in the guide for all hours.

Probably easiest to install Docker for Windows and then setup the pluto-for-channels docker using that.

If you install Docker for Windows it is pretty simple.

docker pull jonmaddox/pluto-for-channels -- will install the image in Docker

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --name pluto-for-channels -p 8080:80 jonmaddox/pluto-for-channels -- Will configure it to run and be available on port 8080

You can then reach it via browser at:

I use a file based M3U in channels

I copy the EPG link from pluto-for-channels server ( for use in Channels

Does that help?

Thanks. I am going to do that shortly and see how badly I mess it up.

I believe I did most of it right, I think. When I look at the guide some pluto tv channels have information, while others do not.

Is your M3U a file that you have customized or from pluto-for-channels?

It would be from the one using Docker.

Here is an example of what I am seeing.


I haven't seen this using the files directly from pluto-for-channels

Can we see the M3U or maybe just the part that is referenced in the screenshot?

I see the error of my ways, I think. I was not using Playlist as the source. I updated using this. See screen shot.

and now everything shows

Let me know if that is wrong but it seems to be right. I can see all the Pluto Guide Data now.

Nope that is correct. Good job!

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