All AMC Network channels not working with error Stream Not Available

While I am just a YouTubeTV subscriber, the feeds work in the YouTubeTV app (AppleTV) but still do not work on Channels. Not the end of the world for me, but it would be nice to see those working again, Watch Live TV Stream | SundanceTV etc are still acting wonky for me. Works sometimes and not others.

Anyway, I was able to make it work reliably in the next prerelease.


SundanceTV and AMC working here. Spectrum SoClall.
Thank you.

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It looks like most of the AMC networks are back, except for BBCA. Of course, this is probably an error on their end.

(For now the stream is working on the website, but I know from my experiences last week that its reliability is hit or miss.)

Yeah, got them all back except BBC America.

UPDATE: All working after v2022.09.07.2124

BBC America is jointly owned by AMC Networks & BBC Studios. In Channels, the AMC networks are working for me. BBC America is not working.

All working now ... Thanks

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All working here also. Thank you.

Thanks for the fix, Aman.


All AMC Network channels including BBCA working. Thanks.

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I see that for some people it is now working. I haven’t updated and checked mine yet but I did want to say that I submitted a ticket to BBCA through their website and they did email me back and acknowledge that they are having some issues and are working on it but can’t give a timeline for when it will be fixed. So it does seem like there may be some technical difficulties on their end as well.

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Is the pre release still having issues with the Pluto closed captions? I have a bunch of pending IFC recordings, but I don’t want issues with the Pluto recordings. Thanks for working on this.

The thread you are looking for is:

About a month ago @tmm1 tried a test run of CC for Pluto, but it didn't go too well. Hopefully they are still working on it. I too am eagerly looking forward to seeing this implemented.


Awesome! Thank you for the confirmation.

Quick question, is the suggested fix to update to the beta? I noticed that I'm having the same issue on TVE for AMC, Sundance, BBC America, etc as well. If not the beta, is it just that it should be working again?

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The fix is to update to the prerelease.


I may have misclicked and not hit the arrow spot on, or it wasn't an option, not sure which, but it just updated without a pre-release option and this is all I see right now. Is there a way for me to get to the pre-release?


The "check for updates" option with pre-release will come back in a little while. I do not know how long the system waits to make the update option available on the webUI again after an update is run. It is not particularly long.

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Thanks! I checked a few hours after, when I got a chance over lunch, and it had showed up again for me to select the pre-release correctly this time.

I've done that more times than I can remember.
Now when I want to update pre-release I just click&hold the Check For Update button until it shows it's downloading the new pre-release version.