Cannot Remote login


Does the free Channels DVR app only work if it discovers a local DVR install, or could it be used for remote DVR while I’m traveling? I tried testing with a Fire TV. I was able to authorize Remote DVR, but I can’t get past the Welcome screen with the Try Again button.

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It absolutely works for remote DVR.

The Retry button only tries to discover again. You should use the Connect button to log in while away from home. Be sure you have the most up to date version.


I’m using 2.0.11, I believe. When clicking the Connect to Channels DVR button, I see a Connect to Channels DVR pop up, but I’m unable to scroll with the bottom line being “…choose At Home to manually connect”. I assume I should be able to scroll & there are button options at the bottom? Thank you for the quick support.


Very weird, could you snap a photo and post it?



Oh wow ok. Thanks for reporting this. We’ll check it out. Sorry for the troubles!!


@bledsoe What model FireTV are you using?


It is no trouble.

I’m testing with a Fire TV Stick. If I understand correctly, this isn’t a supported model, but I wanted to test remote connection before picking up a different model. I was trying to stay away from a full fledged Apple TV for travel. Is the Stick supported if I’m using an Extend set to hardware transcode?

If not, I’m sorry to raise the issue.


Which model stick?


Okay I was able to reproduce with the v2 stick. The sticks are not recommended, but they are supported. There seems to be a bug related to the really old version of FireOS that runs on these devices. I will fix it for 2.0.12

One workaround for now is to set up the stick at home where the DVR exists, so you can get past that screen. Go to the DVR section and click Connect to DVR there, and you will be able to select Away From Home and setup the remote connection. Then when you’re not at home it should connect automatically.


Great. Thanks. I’ll give that a try as soon as I return home.


i was able to reproduce on a brand new Fire TV 4K (Pendant design) Fire OS (NS6253/1441) / Fire TV Home Version - that dialog box pops up but can’t actually be interacted with in a meaningful way. It will shrink/expand with navigating up/down, and will also “bump” for a lack of a better term when pressing the middle/select button on the remote.


Thanks that’s good to know. It should be fixed on all FireTV in 2.0.12.

You can use the workaround above for now.