All HD channels now just buffering


Just started happening past several days. Used to work great. Can’t get any of regular local channels now as they just buffer and buffer with major pixilation.

Nothing else changed on my end.


which device


On both my tv’s. Using amazon fire stick on one and amazon tv on the other. Using HDHomeRun Duo as tuner.


Buffering and pixelation usually means a bad antenna signal. You can check while watching under Tuner Status to see what the signal quality numbers look like.


Did you try rebooting your router?


I’ll do that. I’ll also get on roof to check antenna as we did have bad storm here and almost sure that’s when it started.


I’ve had that happen to me once before. Antenna was fried. Put up a new one and all was well.


Rebooted router but no change. Will get someone on roof to check antenna.


Thank you! Someone heading up to the g-d’s tomorrow to check for me. LOL