Amcrest camera fire tv

Having trouble getting an amcrest camera to work on my fire tv, it continually says playback failed even though it works on my phone app, and on the web app. The only way I can get it to work is by setting it to transcode off of my dvr server.

What do you mean by “setting it to transcode?” I’m assuming you’re using a m3u playlist to do this, but in that case the stream will always pass through the server.

When I set it to 1080p 30 instead of original, it works.

Gotcha. In the fire tv app settings do you have decided set to hardware or software? Try the opposite and see if it works.

I tried looking for that, but could not find it, I was looking in Playback > Advanced, anywhere else I should be looking?

I don’t have a fire tv device but I do have a fire tablet and it’s under playback - advanced - video decoder.

Which device? Only newer models like FireTV Stick 4K are capable of software decoding.

using an older firestick, so that is probably the issue. I actually ended up just proxying thru blue iris, that way I didn't have to worry about it.