Android Metro Blue Theme

For anyone interested, I've modified the latest Android beta (104.20.57) APK with a Metro Blue look similar to the old WMC theme. I don't know if the Devs will leave this post up but it's here if anyone wants to try it. It goes without saying - this is an unsupported mod, use at your own risk, do not expect any support from myself or Channels.

Metro Blue Theme link:


Great work! Love it.

One tweak needed.....scrolling in the guide right over a scheduled recording (default red background) results in white text on a white background. Like the fact it's different for a recording when is scrolls over though.....maybe this is a case for a purple (blue+red) background?

Seeing as they are always reading these threads, and are still actively posting in other threads.....for sure they have seen this already.

Since there has been no response or action by them, i conclude they have no comment and no issue with it.

Maybe the work done here will be useful for future consideration at official theme options for Channels.

One could only hope but they have dismissed the idea of a color change countless times already. Who knows, maybe the holiday season has warmed their heart a little



¯(°_O)/¯ go for it, have fun.


This been working great.
Only thing i notice is that in the Recordings tab, when u highlight a recorded show, the text is white on white for the ep season number and channel number.
minor thing.

There is frequent beta app updates. at least 1 or more every week at times.
I have other devices that are not using your modded app.
There have been at least 2 new beta app since your version of 12.13.506
beta 12.23.1959
beta (current) 12.27.559

if u have another Android tv device to make use of, install the official beta on that and just use the check for update version.

O. and i am using the grey one from tobycth3 as that seems to have won me over on looks.
not sure if you both are making these together or as 2 separate things.

@john9527 @speedingcheetah

I've uploaded 12.27.559 to Box and fixed the scheduled / recording EPG guide colors

@tobycth3 Still have white on white text for recordings.

When show is selected:

Not selected: Notice how u can see the "Season 16, Episode 11" and Channel number text:


@AtoZ0to9 and @tobycth3 the current beta version is: 101.5.138

The new betas seem to have significant performance boost to them:
Beta: Channels for Android Performance Improvements

Latest beta (102.7.6) has been uploaded to box

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List of changes?

No changes from my side, just whatever the native client has in the latest version. I just applied a color scheme to it.

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Bump to latest beta 103.10.210

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Bump to latest beta 103.13.152

Bump to 103.24.107


Bump to 104.20.57


Bump to 105.31.1913