Would it be possible to add a couple negative padding options (ex. start recording late)? If not the main client UI, it would be nice to have in the advanced pass editor. I have found that especially with TVE sources, probably due to streaming lag, my recordings start with the final 30-60 seconds of the previous show. This sometimes causes a bit of a spoiler problem, especially with competition shows I might've wanted to watch later ("and the winner is...")

I planned to add these to the web UI / advanced editor. Thanks for the reminder.


If you could also add a 2 minute end padding, that would be helpful to cover TVE recordings.


I think this would be nice. Along with additional padding options, it'd be nice if padding options were (additionally) ties to the source, instead of just a default for the pass or DVR.

I'd also like to see padding defaults tied to sources. OTA streams can have conflicts with extra padding is added to the end, whereas a TVE stream won't have such issues because there is no tuner limit for internet streams.

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I just requested this in another thread as well. Being that the 2 sources have different timings...that would be nice to have that availability.

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I had a very similar request some time ago. But rather than start a recording a little later, I wanted it to end a little earlier. @tmm1 If you are considering adding negative padding to the start of a show, please consider adding it to the end as well!