Anyone Using HLSTube?

There are a handful of YouTube live feeds that I like to drop in on from time to time. HLSTube gives me a feed that I can set up as a virtual channel which makes it a lot more convenient to check in from time to time. Little annoying thing I've come across is it usually takes two tries to tune to the channel. The first attempt fails with the same error just about every time. Has anyone else experienced this or found a way around it? Log below.

2022/04/05 09:49:42.511111 [ERR] Could not start stream for M3U-NASASPACEFLIGHT ch998 NASASpaceflight: M3U: get 403 Forbidden
2022/04/05 09:49:52.309965 [M3U] stream timestamps: 998: start_at=2022-04-05T09:49:20-04:00 current_at=2022-04-05T09:49:44-04:00 end_at=2022-04-05T09:49:48-04:00
2022/04/05 09:49:52.310037 [TNR] Opened connection to M3U-NASASPACEFLIGHT for ch998 NASASpaceflight

I think you mean HLSTube, not "histube"? You may want to change your title if others are trying to search for the same issue, and re-categorize to "Custom Channels".

I've only played around with HLSTube a little bit, but it seems like it is parsing the YouTube stream with youtube-dl and re-hosting it locally so that Channels DVR can play it back. While it works pretty well and is recommended by our great devs, I think the more Channels-friendly way to tune to YouTube streams is to redirect the DVR to the stream URL hosted by Google. I've found that it's faster and more consistent.

If you're comfortable with a command line and using youtube-dl directly, you can set up a cron job and use "youtube-dl -g" to write to a local m3u8 file located somewhere on your machine/network, then point your DVR to it. I set my jobs to run every 4-5 hours in order to grab a new URL, since I've found that YouTube stream m3u8 URLs usually expire after 6 hours. I think accessing streams this way allows Channels to tune to them the fastest, but it's a bit of a pain editing a bunch of cron jobs if you like to make and get rid of channels often.

If you'd rather stay with the docker route, which is cleaner to manage, you can run youtube-dl-api-server in a container. liveproxy, streamdemand are similar.

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Thanks for the response and the heads up about my typo. I will look into your suggestions.

Yes I have experienced this (and believe I even posted about it here awhile back when I was first learning how to use hlstube.) I’ve just gotten into the habit of trying these channels twice knowing it’ll only properly “tune in” on the second try. I’d love if there was an easier, more elegant solution. I’ll check the suggestions above but they seem a lot more complicated. I was hoping Channels DVR could be updated to give more time to tune into the hlstube streams before erroring out.

I’ve been trying to reproduce this issue for the last hour or so and can’t do it. I’m on the the latest prerelease and bata iOS app. Maybe the ever seeing devs have smiled on us.

Hey @psperry, hlstube dev here! If you run into this again, would you mind sharing the logs from your hlstube container in a new issue over on GitHub? I've seen this a few times myself but am having trouble reproducing right now, but I'm sure we can get this figured out. Sign in to GitHub · GitHub Thanks!


I certainly will. It seems to a lot more rare than it used to be. It used to be nearly every time. Wondering if the Channels devs did something to mitigate. It did happen once this morning but my logs only seem to go hack an hour. I will open a ticket when it happens again.

Caught it and saved the logs. Will submit a ticket in the morning.

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