App Store Issue: Unable to download/update Channels tvOS (v2.1.23)


I cannot use Channels right now, due to this issue. Please provide the beta.


I need the beta for 10.1. Thanks.


Please add me to the list of users who need the beta.

Thank you


I deleted the app before reading this post. Can you send a TestFlight code for the beta?


deleted AppleTV app before reading the alert.


I too deleted the app and now can’t install!

Please send me the BETA invite or else the wife will kill me with no TV! :slight_smile:

And for those blaming the developer, this is clearly Apple’s fault and the devs are doing everything in their power to help out.



Please send beta


I need the beta too please. Channels wouldn’t force quit or run anymore. Thanks in advance.



Please send testflight invite code / beta. Also deleted app prior to checking forum. Btw, great app guys!


Can I get a test flight invite for Apple TV @ [email protected] and iOS at [email protected]


Please add me to the list of users who need the beta.



I uninstalled channels and cannot re-install it. Please send me a beta build.


Please send me the beta.


I’d love a beta invite as well.

Thanks for the hard work, and sorry to hear y’all are going through this mess!


Hello I also need the beta code to get channels reinstalled. Thanks


I New the beta too please been stuck since yesterday


Hey, I’m also in need of a code please. Uninstalled the app and rebooted multiple times until I saw this. Thank you!


I already unistalled the app and i can’t reinstall from the store.
Can I please get a copy of the beta version?


I also need the app


The app stopped working a couple of days ago. So I tried the usual power down/power up. Then I deleted the app and couldn’t reinstall it. Please send along the workaround asap!