App Store Issue: Unable to download/update Channels tvOS (v2.1.23)


Please send me the beta, thanks


That said, as a software developer myself I know you’re about to have a pretty messed up weekend, and I felt I should say I appreciate this thread. I consider Channels a killer app for the AppleTV and will keep recommending it to absolutely everyone.


This is very inconvenient. Unfortunately, I’m in the same condition as others and would like to request a Beta version. Thank you.


Is there any timeframe for this fix by apple? I don’t mind waiting a bit but really would like to have this for tomorrow. I have TVOS 10.1.1.
I can do the Beta if that is the only option.


I downloaded TeatFlight. Can I get a Channels invite please as I deleted the app before reading this. Thanks.

[email protected]


They did offer the code, which is great. I think he mentioned the tvOS beta first just to say it worked there, and never suggested that anyone download it.

I’m sure he fell asleep at his computer and if he can still give out more codes he will as soon as he can.

If people have the iPhone app, they can also airplay to the tv as well.

It’s a reminder to us all to heed the warning that if the app can’t come down, it probably can’t come down.


Deleted app before reading the post. I would appreciate a signup to the beta. Thanks.


Can I get a beta code please? deleted the app before seeing this post as well.

Thank you


My appletv channels app is broke. I downloaded TestFlight. Can you send an invite to me? We use my wife’s account for appletv and not my account I signed up with for channels


Miffed that you guys hit a bug with Apple when trying to deliver DvR functionality to all of us! Thanks for everything you guys do and keep up the good work. I am willing to be inconvenienced for some new awesome feature functionality!


App deleted. Please send beta access code


Could i get the invite - i deleted the app as well
[email protected]


Add me to the list that needs the beta because I deleted the app before seeing this post.


I think I missed the public DVR notice a month ago lol. Need to check it out.


I deleted the app before knowing and now I’m stuck. Beta code please. Thanks


Please send beta build to [email protected]


I need a beta code too please as I deleted without reading this.


beta build please, TY!


Beta please! And if you would, please put the “select Done, and DO NOT delete” stuff in your FAQs. Having at that kind of tip may have caught my attention before I deleted the install.


Please send test flight info