App Store Issue: Unable to download/update Channels tvOS (v2.1.23)


Need beta


Please send beta…thanks


I need the Beta build.


Thank you for your diligent work on what is otherwise the best app on Apple TV, in my opinion!

May I please receive access to the beta?


I downloaded Test Flight. Can you please send Beta version access code?


Last night I was getting the retry/done dialog box and was able to prevent the update from getting installed. Overnight the app auto-updated and now I’m unable to use Channels on tvOS.

Can you please add me to the beta so that we can resume watching Channels? Thanks!


Morning folks! I just sent out an invite to everyone on this thread.

No ETA on a fix yet, but Apple has tracked down the issue and is working to resolve it. Incredibly frustrating, I know. We don’t even have the ability to rollback to a previous working build.


Please send. Uninstalled app already. Thanks.


thx a lot


Thanks for the beta code to get me back viewing for the time being


I need the beta


Thanks Channels team, quick easy fix!


Hi guys - can you add me back to the Beta list again - thank you - having the same issues as above - have testflight already to go - cheers


Thanks @tmm1! Code received & it’s working again. Appreciate the quick response!


Please send the beta code, thx, Can no longer open the current version.


I didn’t read this post until after I uninstalled it from my main tv either


Please send me beta build


Please send me the beta - deleted the app.


Hello Dev, deleted the app like others to try and fix this. Please send me the test flight invite


Thanks for the Beta. You guys are the best.