App Store Issue: Unable to download/update Channels tvOS (v2.1.23)


I too would like the test flight invite since I uninstalled it before looking on the thread.


Need Beta please…thank you


Need the beta please.


Darn. I was watching a movie last night and deleted Channels to get rid of the popups. Can you please send me a Testflight invite as well? Thanks


Same here. Deleted to try and reinstall. Please send beta code. Ugh.


Back in business! Thanks guys.


I did not receive a code. I searched my email and forums inbox


I sent it again to your email.


Does this only work for Paid Developer accounts (not free)?


Thanks! I just got it.


Thank you. Got the beta, installed fine, all settings and recordings recovered from OSX server, even tho I had deleted ATV app. Nice save!


Can I get the beta build please. Got back from holidays and now no TV :frowning:


Can I get the beta please? I uninstalled before reading this post.


UPDATE: Read here free vs paid dev account privileges.


TestFlight invitation code please to the beta


I haven’t seen the beta yet. Please resend. Thanks!


Uninstalled before I read. Need Beta please. Thx


Uninstalled before I read this. Please send me a beta invite. Thanks!


Just like everyone else, tried to fix myself and uninstalled before checking the support site. Sent a message on twitter (@mskblackbelt), but this seems more active. Can I get a beta invite for TestFlight?

Thanks, and love the app, keep it up!


Sent out another round. @benromach I re-sent, make sure you check your spam folder too.