App Store Issue: Unable to download/update Channels tvOS (v2.1.23)


I deleted the app in frustration before finding this thread. Can I get access to the beta?


I need the beta build as well!


I also tried to reinstall to fix the unable to update error can I get the beta app


I also deleted the app since the app locked up and I couldn’t force close.

Please send a beta invite when it’s convenient for you. Thanks.

Edit: Beta invite successful. Thank you!


Please send the beta version. Thanks for the support.


I, also tried to reinstall the app and deleted it. Please sign me up for the beta app.


Hey @tmm1,

I did not get an invite. I still cannot use Channels.


Sent again. Check your spam folder too.


beta link please


Got it this time.




Can I please get the beta build? I deleted my app to try and fix the issue and now have no TV! :frowning:


Please send me a link so that I can install the beta version. The update from the apple store is not working anymore SAD!


Please send me the beta build. Thanks!


can’t run channel on apply tv. can you please send me the beta build?


Need beta. I deleted it to troubleshoot before seeing this thread


Erased it as well. May I have the beta please?


I uninstalled as well. Please send beta. Hope the Apple store issues resolved quickly.


Deleted from one of my AppleTV’s - please send me an invite for test flight


Got it. Thanks!


Please send the beta for ATV. If possible, since I’m new, could you please send instructions. Thanks!