App Store Issue: Unable to download/update Channels tvOS (v2.1.23)


I also deleted first in the effort to make things work.
I will try the beta as well.
Keep up the good work on a great product.


Deleted as well… Please send invite and instructions. Thank You.


Got it, thank you!


shit storm in a tea cup or something that’s going to drag through the whole kitchen, screaming, kicking and admiring its stench as it goes?

Btw, I can open Channels after hitting done. Not sure if that helps anyone else but give it a go


Beta link please. I deleted it before I read this thread.


I just went ahead and removed the Channels app from the US, UK and Australia App Store. These types of changes usually take a while to propagate, but it might help stop the automatic update loop that’s happening. If you have the old app installed and are still seeing the constant Retry/Done popup, let me know if it goes away soon.


If you need just a barebones experience while this gets sorted, you can download VLC on tvOS for free. It can access your HDHomerun as well. (It’s no substitute for Channels in the long run but it gets the job done.)


Would love the beta build. I just bought the app today and can’t download it.


The upgrade error seems to have stopped on my ATV!


I, sorry but i need to stay on 10.1, i wont update to 10.2 beta. Can you send me the beta version of the app that works on 10.1 please? Please send a beta invite when it’s convenient for you. Thanks.

Many thanks!

The DVR Beta is sweeeet!!! Much faster than Plex.


Thanks much.


I deleted the app before reading this. Please send me the beta.


Please send the beta thanks


Please send me the Beta


Please send me beta as well. I knew I shouldn’t have deleted the app. Thanks.


Can you send me le just for beta app? Deleted app and I found this post after. Thank you


Please send beta version. I wish I would have seen this post first. On my other ATV I just hit “done” and everything is fine there. Not so much for my other one. I deleted it.


I will be needing the test flight code please


Same here - deleted Channels now cannot re-install. Thanks in advance!


I deleted the app to try to fresh reinstall, before seeing this forum. Contacted Apple Support. The person I spoke with had no knowledge of the issue, and said it’s a app developer issue…not an app store issue.