App Store Issue: Unable to download/update Channels tvOS (v2.1.23)


Please send me the beta also


Hi Guys, got it. Everything is working again as usual. Thanks!!!


Please could you send me an invitation code for the beta version, I had to reset my AppleTV and lost the app…


Unfortunatly I deleted the app before I saw this thread, I need the beta app.


Unfortunately, I deleted the app before reading this thread. Please send me the beta build & instructions. I have 4 Apple TVs on all my tvs & currently can’t watch any channels. Thank you.


I missed this as well. Thank you for the update and allowing us the beta build. I will need it as well since I deleted!


What do I do if I have multiple ATVs with Channels installed? It tells me the code has already been redeemed. Can you please send me 2 more


Install TestFlight and download it again


Please send the beta. Thank you.



I tryed uninstalling the app and reinstalling it but after reading this post I understand why it does not work…

Can you please send me a beta code for test flight ?

Thank you,



Please send beta build.


Please send me the TestFlight code


Please send an invite for the beta build


Would you please send me a link to the beta?

Thank you for providing a workaround until this gets resolved.


Please send me a copy of the beta. Thank you


Testflight beta needed here too, thanks!


Please send beta code when able! I deleted app before reading this. Thanks!


Hi! I did all the wrong things before finding this forum. Please send link to beta download. Thanks for a great App!


Could I get a beta link? Does it work with non-beta tvOS (10.1.1)? Thanks!


Using a competing app for less than 24 hours has been an unexpectedly sour experience, underscoring just how great Channels is. Can I get the beta, please?

Channels DVR is Now Available in a Public Beta