ATSC 3.0 Audio using Android/FireTV

Should audio be working properly? I am getting almost no audio from the ATSC 3.0 Dallas station using the Channels app.

If it will not ever work with my devices, will I be required to get an Apple TV device? One of the reasons I switched from my Tablo to Silicon Dust tuners, was for ATSC 3.0 access. Although I don't really require it yet since ATSC 1.0 works fine for me.

Currently the HDHomerun app seems to give me audio, although apparently converted to a different format. My Sony Google TV with an ATSC 3.0 tuner gives me proper audio, but the Channels app on this TV does not.

They work fine on all my FireTV devices ... have you tried the HDHomeRun app to see if there is no problem with Audio. Make sure you are on the latest firmware just came out yesterday.

If using ATSC 3.0 you need to keep up with firmware updates.

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Audio works fine on the HDHomerun app. I have been only using the released firmware. Never tried to install the beta.

OK so it is not a problem with the FireTV ... if the HDHomeRun APPS play fine.

I understand about being leery of Installing betas but ATSC 3.0 is still in beta that is why they are always releasing firmware updates.

Thanks for the info. I may just wait for the official release, since ATSC 3.0 is not critical for me yet.

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This morning the version 20221023 firmware showed to be available for my Flex tuners. I did install it. Now my ATSC 3.0 channel does not have any video or audio. Interestingly enough, Channels does not error out, it tries several times to get an ATSC 3.0 signal and then it just starts playing the ATSC 1.0 channel.
Problem seems to be the Dallas ATSC 3.0 station has stopped transmitting again. My Sony TV also does not get an ATSC 3.0 signal now. So when I rescanned the HDHomerun tuners the ATSC 3.0 station does not show up.

I have seen that happen as a new market comes into play it comes and goes until they get it right.

The Dallas station was one of the first transmitting about 4 years ago. But they seem to have a difficult time getting it right. Oh well, love ATSC 1.0 with Channels. Wonder how long this will last. Change is inevitable.

You should report it in the Silicondust forum I am sure they have a Dallas ATSC sub thread.

ATSC 3.0 DALLAS FORT WORTH - DFW - Silicondust

So now I am back looking at the ATSC3.0 audio problems on the Dallas area FOX channel using Channels DVR. The audio level is very low, almost nonexistent. We also have a Spanish station transmitting ATSC3.0 and it seems to have good audio level. I recorded samples from both stations. I don't seem to have a media player on my Windows computer that can play any audio from these samples, but the video looks fine. Can I put these into the Fancy Bits dropbox for a developer to investigate?

Talking about ATSC 3.0 cannot play any of the Channels using the HDHR app but play fine using Channels DVR on Fire Cube 3rd gen. JUST an FYI.

check my thread: AC-4 Audio Support for Android TV - #26 by HeadHodge

my take away:

  • channels doesn't support dolby transcoding or ac-4 passthrough (yet)

  • channels does support pcm transcoding. depending on your audio device, you should get either pcm 2 channel or pcm 6 channel audio.

  • the trabscoded pcm volume is unfortunately low. tru turning surround sound option on/off to see it it helps. also make sure one of your other devices isnt transcoding the pcm into another format (i.e. firestick can transcode pcm to dolby with an audio out setting)

IMHO, processing tuner ota broadcasts is channels bread and butter, and should be WAY more on top of supporting the industry nextgen standards. its been a u.s. standard for years now.