Atsc3 long tuning time

Having issues with some but not all of my atsc3 channels not streaming remotely. 104.1 will 8sec time out and launch 4.1 instead. 109.1 will play fine. Remote playback quality doesn’t matter 4mb or original both fail. 104.1 will play on home network. Watching transcoded at 10mb on the web ui both remote and local 104.1 will play fine.
iOS,Ubuntu diagnostic log submitted under a4965710-5eb0-456b-b017-7585f823de30


iOS time to tune 104.1 local home
19.8 seconds in channels
6.3 seconds in hdhr app

Shield tv time to tune using WiFi
9.8 seconds in channels
6.1 in hdhr app

VLC loads the channel in both devices in 3 seconds. Why is channel’s struggling to load? It has no issues once it finally tunes when local. When remote it gives up on the channel. Had this setup over a year with no issues so this is fairly recent issue. 4 out of 8 atsc3 channels have this problem.

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Can you submit diagnostics at home immediately after the slow tune


New diagnostic log submitted under 8941e419-01d4-441d-8d1b-9013c15e8b1d

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Yea something weird is going on. I assume there's something about the broadcast in your area that's tripping things up.

Please make a 60s recording from the station and email to [email protected]

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Email sent. As far as I can tell the server doesn’t seem to have issues tuning to the problem channels. But I’m limited to what I can verify since I’m away from home.

While remote it will play the recording of the problem channel just fine.

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When you tune in on the HDHR app, does it play video without sound for a few seconds? Does it stop to buffer after that?

The way the stream is coming in is very wonky. I'm not sure if its the broadcast or the tuner firmware, or both. There's about 2s of video that comes in, then 13s pause, then audio data.

Our app has to wait until it sees a few video and audio packets to know how to set up the player, so it ends up waiting 16s until the first audio packet appears before playback begins.

The issue is present in recordings in the same way, but since its pre-recorded it can quickly seek ahead in the file to find the audio information.

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Yes a few seconds no sound

Tunes video in about 6sec sound comes in around 9sec


FWIW there is no audio delay for me. When the channel finally tunes, the audio is there with the picture.

This is what is going on with mine. If tuner isn't in use, it the request is rejected with no video when first requested. However, as you can see below, when I pushed play on my remote it sent a second tuning request and was successful because I suspect because that tuner was selected with the first turning request.

Could this issue not be resolved by having channels send multi tuning requests? The first one to select the tuner, and the second to restart it after it sends the rejection?

20230303-02:18:12 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 106.1 WSYXABC (atsc3:527MHz-5002)
20230303-02:18:22 HTTP: rejecting request from - no video data
20230303-02:18:22 Tuner: tuner0 http stream ended (requested time reached)
20230303-02:18:30 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 106.1 WSYXABC (atsc3:527MHz-5002)
20230303-02:18:33 Tuner: tuner0 streaming http to

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Looks like the tuner has a 10 second timeout for tuning a channel.
Maybe SD can extend that timeout?

I don’t believe that’s true. It will tune 20seconds later if your on lan. Also the dvr server doesn’t have this long tune time for recordings. It’s only some channels live on the app.

The timer is deff 10 seconds. This is pretty repeatable.

20230303-03:03:34 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 104.1 WCMH (atsc3:527MHz-5004)
20230303-03:03:44 HTTP: rejecting request from - no video data
20230303-03:03:44 Tuner: tuner0 http stream ended (requested time reached)
20230303-03:03:48 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 104.1 WCMH (atsc3:527MHz-5004)
20230303-03:03:50 Tuner: tuner0 streaming http to

10 sec when “no video” is the problem. That’s not the case in this thread.

"no video data" is a tuner firmware issue. you can update to beta firmware from HDHR

thanks for the quick reply. just installed 20230302beta1. Let me see if that fixes the issue.

That did fix the issue of it timing out. Now it's just the long tuning time. I just just selected fox and it prob took 15 seconds to show up on my screen despite logs showing 3 seconds before it was streaming. But i'd rather have it delay starting than to get rejected and time out. Just changed to another channel and literally took over 30 seconds.

20230303-03:27:08 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 106.3 FOX28 (atsc3:527MHz-5006)
20230303-03:27:11 Tuner: tuner0 streaming http to

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actually I am still showing it with the beta... yeah. i am going to send this back and keep the quatro. if nobody is broadcasting in 4k. I don't see any reason to keep this device. (flex)

20230303-11:11:31 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 106.1 WSYXABC (atsc3:527MHz-5002)
20230303-11:11:41 HTTP: rejecting request from - no video data
20230303-11:11:41 Tuner: tuner0 http stream ended (requested time reached)
20230303-11:11:46 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 106.1 WSYXABC (atsc3:527MHz-5002)
20230303-11:11:48 Tuner: tuner0 streaming http to