Audio crackling/popping on Fire TV Cube


Well, I still have some stuttering. Not nearly as bad as it was before, but I do still see it. More of an issue is the audio quality. I get a fair amount of crackling & popping.
A couple other issues Im experiencing with 2.04… when watching live TV, I can only rewind about one minute. I have also had a couple of crashes. One when watching live TV, screen went black and wouldn’t respond to any button presses on the remote (even the home button). I verbally told the Cube to go Home and it did. Went right back to the Channels app, and it worked normally. Also had a crash when scrolling down in the channels menu. I was on the On Now menu item, pressed and held the Down directional button to quickly move down, it scrolled down quickly then locked up. Again, it wouldn’t respond to any remote button press, had to tell the Cube to go Home to out of the app.

Commercial Skip on Fire TV Cube

I would like to send you a beta to try. Please go to, click on Promotional Emails and make sure “Amazon Appstore” is checked.


Sounds good… ready for the beta. Thanks.


Follow these steps:

It might say “Buy” on the Amazon page but the live app test does not cost anything.


OK, got the beta, and it did show it costs $, but as you noted it didn’t actually charge anything.
I will give it a go later tonight, and let you know how it went.


I uploaded another new build v122 which has a new audio driver which should be much better. If you test, please check the version on the About tab and report it with your results. If possible try v121 first and then upgrade to v122 and try that.