Autoplay worked great for a while, now it just replays the same episode over and over. I have marked all episodes as “Unwatched”.

I believe this has been reported on and possibly even fixed already in beta but now I can’t find the thread..

I tried the Apple TV Beta and it’s working. Can you get the Beta for FireTV?

Here's the other thread: On-screen "What's Next" button

On the Channels FireTV app? I do not see that option.

I don’t see anything applicable to my problem.

How about just Settings > Support > Install Channels DVR Beta, without going into the Player submenu?

Do you mean the FireTV Channels app? If so, it’s not there. I have the option on my server. I am also in the beta program for the Apple TV version.

It’s not working on the AppleTV beta either.

A few examples of incorrect next-show logic are mentioned in that thread. But I only mentioned in passing something more important: you can go into settings and turn off Auto-Start. Then even if the "next" show is wrong, it doesn't start playing automatically. Does that help?

Yeah, I knew that I can turn it off as I had to turn it on initially. No big deal, I just like to go to bed with Schitt’s Creek on and don’t want to bother with selecting episodes. It works fine on Netflix, so I’ll just watch it there.