On-screen "What's Next" button

Interesting new feature in the Android/Fire 3.5.1 client: a "What's Next" button that pops up in the lower right corner of the screen when you're near the end of a show, offering the next show. But...

I can't figure out any way to select it with the Fire TV remote, and I have Auto-Start turned off, so this doesn't actually do anything. Am I not understanding what this is? Or should it not even be there?

Also, I tried to fast forward through the first half-hour of a show, but the "What's Next" button kept popping up every time I hit the FF button, and then I couldn't t move forward more than a few minutes each time that happened. What gives?

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I'd like to see an option to suppress it, especially since it seems to interfere with the transport controls.

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Clicking OK should select the button. Click back should hide the button. Are those not working?

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They work, but personally I don't care for it. I think the OP is asking for a means to disable the pop-up completely.

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It sounds like they’re having trouble with it, not asking how to disable it.

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After further testing, this is what is happening (bolding is for emphasis and not shouting, lol):

On all devices, the What's Next button is often offering a previous and fully-watched episode. That's not "next".

On a Fire TV Stick 4K: the button appears at the end of a show. Select does not work. Back does make the button disappear though.

On an Insignia Fire TV Edition 50" TV (NS-50DF710NA19): it behaves the same as the Fire TV Stick 4K.

On an Insignia Fire TV Edition 24: TV (NS-24DF310NA19): I am unable to fast-forward. I can skip forward only 2 minutes, then the What's Next button pops up and the progress bar disappears.

Being able to disable this feature would be nice, as I suspect the last item here is unique to that one TV model and less likely to be fixed.

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Last night I was watching a back-to-back two-episode show finale on my Fire TV Stick 4K. As the first episode ended, the What's Next button did offer the next episode. Maybe when I was testing this before, the app was confused because all episodes had been watched but there was a little time left in a previous episode. Anyway, I clicked Select several times and it did not work.

The fast-forward issue should be fixed in the latest beta.


FF works, thanks! Still can't Select but you probably know that already.

FF is still working in subsequent betas, but the What's Next button pops up at the same time which confuses everyone in my household.

@tmm1 I'm sorry to report fast-forward doesn't fully work on my Insignia 24". I thought it was working OK in a previous beta, but maybe I was just happy it was working at all. Anyway in the last beta and in the new 3.5.2 it won't FF at top speed.

It jumps forward a few minutes but then the What's Next button pops up, dropping me back into the show. If I keep the FF button pressed, that happens again and again. So it takes forever to FF through a show.

Please give us an option to completely eliminate this "feature".


I noticed that if you only have 1 episode and you are done watching the next button will pop up and if you select it it starts the just watched episode from the beginning. It should not appear if there is only 1 episode.

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I also notice that if you are watching an in-progress recording and catch up to real time the stupid pop-up will appear. I don't know if that always happens, but it happens often enough to add an extra level of annoyance.

This next button needs to go make it optional like the skip button. The logic is wrong when viewing shows that only have 1 episode it pops up to play next but there is no next so it starts what you just watched from the beginning.


Fast-forward seems even worse now in my 24" Insignia/Fire TV. No improvement in beta 107.13.14.

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I completely agree. Something changed in the latest Android beta app, the Up Next box is appearing as I begin a recording and won't go away. None of the other buttons like pause or skip work while the Up Next button is there. If I finally figure out how to get rid of it, it just comes right back Next time I try to click the screen

@augie0041 what device make and model? That sounds even worse than my fast forward problem.

I'm running the latest prerelease on the Shield Pro, and trying to watch on my android phone beta app. I switched to the stable release Android app and it was at least usable, the Up Next appears often, but I can click beside it at least. The Up Next box appeared on my Shield client as well once I started a recording and wouldn't go away until I clicked it. But at least the recording kept playing as I wanted afterward

Thanks. Wow. It should not appear until the last 30 seconds in either case. I hope the next release will also include a way to turn it off too. Even when it's working properly I don't like how it pops up over news show chyrons. If I don't scramble for the remote fast enough to make it go away, I miss what was written there. Then I have to rewind and find where I was again, and dismiss the button again. We need an option to deactivate this.