.AVI not working with hardware decoder. Software decoder works fine

.AVI files are not working (on virtual channels) when using the hardware decoder. Software decoder works fine.

any idea why this would be the case?

The hardware is the Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

old video backup;
container: Audio Video Interleave (AVI)

640 × 480
DivX MPEG-4 Version 5
25.00 frames per second

MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3)
44100 Hz
128 kbps

Sounds like the FTV4KMax does not have hardware decoder support for DivX. There isn't anything Channels can do about this, as it is a limitation of the hardware itself.

(That's why the software decoder is there, for the formats that are not supported by the device's hardware.)

is there any downside to switching to software?

Hybrid doesnt work either - i assumed that would play hardware where hardware works and software where it doesnt.

The quality is usually a little better with software, with the trade off of greater CPU usage, which can cause pauses or sync issues. In general, you probably won't notice.

Please submit diagnostics from the app after attempting playback of the AVI in hardware mode. Click Settings > Support > Submit > Video

Have the same issue. Have hybrid selected on other devices and no such issue but obviously cannot select hybrid on firetv app.