Bally/Fox Sports RSNs

I'm not sure anymore is the correct word, because I noticed disparities after barely a month of TVE availability. (I matched TVE content with what was broadcast over cable, and rarely did they ever coincide.)

If what you say is correct, a simple layman's guess would be that the feed being sent is for the highest numbered alternate when available; only if there are no feeds on any of the alternates does the primary feed get delivered. (This seems contrary to other sports RSNs that have dedicated alternates available with TVE: NESN+, NBCSN Philly+, SECA (does that one have a TVE feed?) ...)

I have a couple different sites around SoCal I can use with various cable/satellite providers to try TVE authentication and grab some detailed logs if it will help. As I said, personally this doesn't really impact me, but I have family who would like to view these extra channels.

I had a similar issue here in Tampa Bay (Florida). Instead of getting Orlando Magic and Tampa Bay Lightning games, I would sometimes get Miami Marlins and Toronto Raptors (now playing in Tampa due to the Virus) games. The guide data is always correct, only the games were wrong

I say had, because now that Bally has taken over the app and web site, from Fox Sports, I no longer get anything. As of two days ago, when the website switch from Fox Sports Florida to Bally Sports, neither of the two RSNs work.

Guide data is still correct but you only get about 12 seconds of a commercial on one and 12 seconds of some show on another.

I have the exact same issue here in Cleveland Ohio with Bally Sports Ohio and Bally Sports Great Lakes playing about 12 seconds of the same bit of programming. I updated server to latest pre-release, and now the Guide Data is correct, but when I attempt to play either station I get a “Playback Error” on the screen. I submitted diagnostics yesterday, but have not received a reply yet. Sounds like I'm not the only one with problems with Bally's. My original issue began 2 days ago.

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I think at this point with the websites changing the Devs are going to have to do an update to get this working again.

Currently both Bally Sports Wisconsin channels are connecting to a stream of 12 seconds, and then stall. The content that streams for 12 seconds is an NHL game, then stalls. On Bally Sports Plus Wisconsin, there is a 12 sec stream from a surfing show. Weirdly, the NHL game and surfing show are the exact same 12 second streams from yesterday. So, every time you try to watch the channel the exact same 12 second clips starts again.

If I switch over the Bally app, the correct "live" content streams.

Really strange.

In Orlando I noticed what's on the website isn't the same as what's airing on the Spectrum app. No idea how Channels can fix that.

Haha. I get that surfing show segment...12 seconds of it! The other channel is an M and M's commercial with Eugene Levi's son, also in a 12 second loop.

On a positive note, the new Bally App allows you to skip forward and back so you can skip the commercials. The old Fox Sports Florida app wasn't nearly as responsive when moving forward.

Well, I guess I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this. Channels2021, what Bally RSN are you trying to watch, Wisconsin???

Bally Florida in Tampa Bay. We get all Lightning games, Rays games and Orlando Magic. Sometimes get Miami Heat, mostly replays, and some Toronto Raptors because they are playing in Tampa because of the virus.

It looks like the old fs2go streaming servers were shut off today. When you try to tune those streams, you just get random 12s of content from before the feed was shut off abruptly.

The new servers have switched to a different streaming format which is not compatible with Channels DVR.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to make this work. We will be removing the channels from the lineup to prevent confusion.

Wow, that's disappointing news. Thanks for checking out the issue, and letting us know right away. With the RSN disputes with some streaming providers, and now this. More viewers lost.

Not only that, but the stream is now an MPEG-Dash stream, along with DRM protections, which Channels DVR does not support. That is why the loss of the former Fox Sports Go streams.

So disappointing. Sinclair so far has done nothing better with Fox RSNs. Just pushing them downhill, with this, disputes with streaming providers, an app that isn't working properly, and a poorly designed scoreboard. But thank you to Channels developers for checking this out and getting back to us right away.

Does anyone else know/think of another way to pull in Bally RSN's into the Channels platform? Custom Channels?

Since the streams are all now protected with Widevine DRM, there is no legal means for Channels to ingest these streams.


Indeed very sad development for baseball fans using channels - first MLB Network, now the RSNs...

I hope these aren't signs of what's to come with all the other TVEs. I've grown to love Channels so much that I don't see any alternative going forward given I have control over my DVR and am able to access it from everywhere.


PS: But thanks for looking into it! :slight_smile:


For what it is worth the FSGO stream from Sinclair at 30fps was pretty hard to watch anyway. The Bally app boarders on unusable and is loaded with ads for their own services as well. It is clear that they are simply waiting to attempt to overcharge existing users of streaming services for direct access to their app and their gambling platform in the future. If you do not live in the blackout area of your favored team just get (it is free for T-Mobile subscribers). Watching it now and it works without issue with a great picture and the non-Sinclair broadcasts still have a normal score box that don't block out the entire bottom of the screen.

If you want access through Channels there are some solutions. If you have access to a stb and a component or hdmi tuning card simply import it in via m3u from NextPVR. Another option, if you have an ATSC tuner like a HDHomeRun is to get an ATSC modulator from the likes of ChannelMaster and import the stream from any stb, computer or app on a Roku, Firestick, Google TV or otherwise as a dedicated ATSC channel and then just map in the guide data.

I am not changing my entire TV system to watch my teams because Sinclair does not care about the long time fans and users. I would rather spend money on hardware than shell out another penny to them.


Agreed. Looking into with streamsocks, but your other options sound intriguing (if I had a stb)

Iirc someone tried to add to channels - is this still active development?

What is streamsocks?

Meant shadowsocks - sry