Best Attic Antenna?

My current setup is a HDHR Prime with cable card and a HDHR Connect Quatro with the CATV plugged in capturing clearqam channels.

I want to finally get set up with an attic antenna to feed the quatro. Anyone have any suggestions on good Attic antennas?

This one intrigued me:

I've been looking into this, too. The cheap yagi I got is nearly worse than the cheap indoor one. Another option I was looking at was this: ALL-IN-ONE Antop Indoor TV Antenna, HDTV Antenna,Amplified FM Antenna with Noise-Free 4G Filter,Dual output Smart Booster System Enhanced VHF/UHF Signal Reception,Support a Second TV or Various Device : Electronics

Go to: and post the resulting public URL. I would never suggest an antenna without knowing what signals and strength you're looking at,

That said, I recently have played with, and been very impressed with this antenna

Excellent antenna, with a built-in splitter on the preamp power inserter.

I'm not sure where I read the review, but someone a while ago had used the AirTV site to schedule a professional antenna installation (without needing the Sling service), and that was the antenna that they installed.

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It's compact, allows for both VHF and UHF signals, and has excellent performance. I've had a working attic OTA installation for years now, and added 2 of these to my arsenal (one for a portable setup, one as a secondary attic antenna for a different transmitter direction). Very impressed with its performance.

For what it's worth, I called them to check on that. At least what they quoted me, for rooftop installation in my area, required pre-payment of $105 for 3 months Sling plus AirTV 2 and outdoor antenna installation for $95 plus assorted taxes for a total of about $210. Which didn't seem like a bad price to me, all things considered.

But I'm just trying indoor antennas first to see, if the channels I have now stay steady, I won't need outdoor installation after all.

Then I guess it is wholly dependent upon the contracted installers, as I was informed that installation could be had without any service requirements.

Any suggestions for this area?

I'm trying this one out, I'll report back.

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I spoke to folks who got that same quote, but they were told $250+ for installation. I'd rather take the offer presented to me, even with "service requirements," as I'd end up with the same hardware, for $40+ less. Even if I never used the SlingTV service for any of those 3 months, it still sounds like the better deal

ABC is going to be a PITA for you, on VHF, and low-VHF at that.
If it weren't for that VHF network, something like @maddox is trying would be absolutely fine.

If it were me, and I didn't need this as my primary ABC source, i would get a UHF antenna only, and hope that the upcoming ATSC3 migration cuts you a break, and ABC gets onto one of the UHF frequencies.

If you want this in one antenna, you're talking about something approaching this

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I built my own out of 6 guage solid copper and 75 ohm cable transformer mounted on a piece of spare plywood. $30 total. Perfect reception 35+ miles


@maddox - I have been using the Antennas Direct Clearstream 4Max with 70+ Mile Range installed in my attic for 8+ months and it has worked out great for local ATSC 1.0 broadcasts which to me look perfect. It says "4K Ready" but I can't imagine 4k looking any better than what is currently available.

A few more details:
-- I live on a hill
-- most of the local broadcast stations are in the same general direction from where I live not located in different directions
-- all local broadcast towers are 40 miles or less from where I live

"4K ready" is total marketing BS. Antenna-wise, if you get digital signals now, you'll get signals whenever (and if ever, more likely) anything broadcast goes 4K.

ATSC3 will need another tuner, but the antenna should be fine.

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That's how I had my roof antenna installed. I shopped around trying to find 'professional' antenna installers to get someone out here really knowing what they are doing. Analyze the signal path, decide on best antenna, height, direction, etc.

Well that didn't work out. Couldn't find anyone. Ended up going with the Sling/AirTV deal to have one installed. It isn't anything great (Televes DigiNova Boss), and I had to make sure he pointed it in the right direction, but I figured worst case, I have a base mount and coax run to my media closet and I can replace with my own antenna if need be. But it's been good enough for the stations almost 30 miles away and I'm 90-100 signal quality.

Just make sure you ground it to your house's ground, or if not, they install a separate grounding rod. Ensuring you are in code compliance and safe is part of what "professional" installation gets you.

If ATSC1 channels look fine, then you are using a smaller TV or sitting far away (in which case, yes, it is enough for you). When you are closer to a THX 'theater' standard screen size to distance sitting, ATSC1 looks like crap and I can't wait for OTA 4k. I don't even like 1080p bluray disc and notice a large improvement with 4k UHD discs. I have a 75" at about 8' away.

I know you’ve already picked one but I’ve been using this one for years and have been very happy with it, in case anybody is still looking.

TV Antenna - RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna with Over 70 Mile Range - Attic or Roof Mount TV Antenna, Long Range Digital OTA Antenna for Clear Reception, 4K 1080P Silver