Best Provider with most channels?

So a good 91 core channels coming in? I assume the 36 sport channels are included with the core package?

I do not watch sports so hard for me to say. I was just trying to help others understand where I am getting 135 channels.

Hulu Live and AT&T TV Now have pretty much all of the same changes in that range which are most sports.

PS Vue sports available under core:

Click on image to view entire list

You cannot watch A&E in Channels live

they dont offer live stream however folks at Philo claims these are integrated well into Channels

You are missing NBA, MLB, CBS, Fox Sports 1and 2

Click on both images to view them. They are condensed to fit the the forum

Can you provide pictures for all the channels?

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Are you still getting The science channel? it's no longer on Core

No PS Vue removed that this week from Core Package. But I really didn't loose because it was included with my Philo Subscription. I pasted what is available on Philo. I have the subscription when it was 16 bucks a month. I was grandfathered in for that price. Now its $ Dollars with maybe some other channels added. Here is what I get.

This basically get me all I need without all those extra expenses with Spectrum before I cut them.

Also, with a number of the channels, you get the east and west feeds.

You have 10 hidden channels. Maybe that is why you have 124 instead of 134. I have 135 so there might be 1 more channel that you need to scan.

Yea you're right. Looks like Sony changed their mind on Motortrend. It was part of Elite Package and now they added it too all their plans.

They also changed Science from Core and moved it Elite. So you may want to look at that one. It may show not authorized when you view it in your player.

A friend told me about a new service called, "XXXXXXXXXXXX" with 600 channels for 25 dollars per month. She said it has HBO, Showtime and many more so I found this hard to believe but I got home and searched for it and sure enough, I found it. Question is, will it work with TV Everywhere. They offer a free 24 hour trial so I guess I could test it but I was wondering if anyone else has given this service a try? Here's a link if you want to check it out and if anyone knows if it works, please let me know. Thanks!

Looks like a pirated IPTV service which is most certainly illegal and will likely be sued and shut down soon.

Short answer is no, it will not support TV Everywhere because it is not a real cable provider and not paying any royalties to the networks.


Thanks I suspected as much and should have researched it further.

Are you required to check in with psvue every once and a while?

I’m thinking of subscribing only to use channels dvr. I’m just wondering if I still have to check in every so often ?

Sounds like someone is advertising. Delete this guys post