Beta App Showing Disabled Channels from HDHomerun Prime

When I use the beta app on the fire stick for some reason it shows some channels that are disabled on my HDHomerun prime. The non beta app doesn't exhibit this behavior.

Go to Settings > Manage Sources > HDHR > Sync

There was no change and they show disabled on the HDHR and in the Channels DVR.

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 1.05.20 PM

Got to the client settings manage sources select the tuner Sync favorites/hidden and import from source.

If you disable a channel after using a Client it will remember the disabled channel.

I have done this and there was no change. The channel doesn't even show up in the client? I have 6 primes and I have checked each one.

Im seeing similar on 2022.06.04.1914.
My config is:

  • HDHR - I only want 5 of the HD channels to come through to xTeve, not in to Channels server directly
  • IPTV - connected in xTeve
  • xTeve to manage channel lineup/guide (also got Guide2Go installed with xTeve for guide lineup)

My HDHR in Channels has not been configured as I have this in xTeve - I dont want Channels to use any tuners apart from what is delivered to Channels by xTeve.
I have not added a region to the HDHR in Channels.
I go to manage lineup in Channels for HDHR and deselect all channels and within a day, it somehow seems to push the deactivated channels back to the HDHR and HDHR then disables the channels, which means they are deactivated in xTeve.

The only way I can get round this, which is a temporary fix for a day, is reenable the 5 channels in HDHR, update the HDHR playlist in xTeve, remap the channels in xTeve, reload M3U in Channels for the xTeve config, reload the guide data in Channels

In the client app you could go to Settings > Manage Sources and disable the HDHR source

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