Beta: Labels

The latest pre-release has added the ability to add your own custom labels to Movies and TV Shows. This gives you the ability to tag content with your own labels which then gives you the power to query with them.

For example, add the maddox label to a bunch of Movies, then use the simple query labels=maddox for a Virtual Channel, and voila, a channel full of movies just for @maddox.

With Labels, you should be able to create all kinds of strategies for your Library.


Would it be possible to have the option to include those labels in the UI? I would like to create a label with the iTunes profile name for my streamlinks so users will know what profile to switch to before selecting watch

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I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but there’s no plans on showing labels in thr app like we show genres and tags.

Ok cheers

I guess this feature is cut and dry :joy:

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Are these Labels useful for anything besides Virtual Channels?

Virtual channels are the only thing rigged with queries right now. But it won’t always be like that. :wink:


With v2021.09.02.2337 you can use labels to create smart TV and movies collections.

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Is there a way to apply a label to a specific episode (or to a few episodes) of a TV show? It seems I'm only able to apply them to whole series.

Labels only apply to movies and shows.

Version 2021.09.14.0427

I'm applying labels to my plethora of programs in preparation for Smart Rule Collection. Everything has been going well until I reached a program recorded from Pluto. Here, the labels refused to stick. I could select them, type new ones, etc..., but none would stay. I did notice the path for the program was different compared to other shows. For instance:

/admin/shows/pluto/61159e1a45d18e0015db3bc4 vs. /admin/shows/18671872

Submitted diagnostic 11fa3ce6-d85b-42c3-8cf6-6a0201f8a38e

Fixed in v2021.09.14.2014


Confirmed, thanks!

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