Beta: Metadata Editing


Recommendations of what exactly?

Naming conventions of the file?

There’s nothing in Channels that scans for sport events anyways. So there’s nothing really you can do to make it better.

We can look at this in the future. But for now you’re going to need to manage imported sporting events manually.

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This should work better in the latest build.


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It would be useful if you shared the conventions you're using (or have tried) for sports in RESEARCH: Media Library Organization

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Sure thing. I was experimenting with importing before bothering you guys. I'm learning a lot about what works. I made some progress last night importing college football. Will definitely share anything can.

When I try and type in the Image URL of a collection I get the following JavaScript Error.

Hi, sadly for certain shows the update art feature still fails to propagate through all episodes, only the main show poster updates. I have just installed Dvr server version 2022.03.08.0212 and tested. Also, the upload art option is no longer visible? So cannot see a method for doing this now?

Same for the poster image. Now, after selecting the poster, it changes the show one and immediately closes. I just keep testing with the same massive show (283 episodes, all Stream Links).

Looks like the upload moved under a dropdown arrow menu:


Submit diagnostics and tell me the id of the show (from the browser url)

/admin/shows/185267, dianostics submitted. Logs have been submitted as 4bf9f258-f5dc-493a-826e-62e4cfe7f971 This is just one show where each individual episode does not update with new art. There are several shows that behave in this manner in my library.

Tried updating art across all episodes again, follow first dianostic submission, newly submitted diagnostic submission is c0c9b4b5-d150-431b-bda7-34e84e00b801

And how are you verifying that the episode art didn't change?

By selecting the TV show from a client, IOS or ATV and selecting one of the episodes. The artwork displayed does not match the Main TV show poster, it's the original artwork assigned via the auto content matching when the show was first imported.

Could you post a photo showing the different art in two places

Following on from this issue, I was wondering if it was possible to have season specific art, so a main poster for the TV Show, but the ability to then have season specific art for each episode within a selected season. Wheras my understanding is currently, you should be able to apply art across the whole show, including all indidual episodes but no way to nominate art per episode? Maybe I am misunderstanding how this works?

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There is. We just need to build an easy mechanism to allow you to do it.

We also need to build a better way for you to see what art they are using while managing. This will come in time for sure!


Something like update main show art > update season art, once selected tick box season select > update art option per episode. All bases then covered.

Thanks. Do me a favor and email supp[email protected] with the recorder.db from your latest backup.