Beta: Metadata Editing

@maddox Not sure what you mean about “import settings”.

Here is screeshot of local input path on the server, part of the file path from plex library, and the actual directory of mkv files

For tv shows, you can’t use a show directory. It needs to be a directory of shows. So you’d want to add your music videos directory. Or make a new directory and move the Peter Gabriel dir to it.

Thank You Channels DVR! Spent the weekend "fixing" unmatched imports and mismatch shows. Learned two things: Slow down - Rome was not built in a day. And create a text file to list all URLs for the art work used to Update Art each corrected import or mismatched show. Actually a spreadsheet might work better. If you want the banner to appear for each show episode, remember to Check the "Apply this poster to all recordings of this show" Box first! Then paste the URL and click SAVE.

Thanks. I actually shot myself in the foot because i wanted to simplify the import and limit it to only one artist with totally flat file structure. Some of those other music videos in the directory above are in hierarchical structure. Also they are many many gigs of data.

In the future, is there a way to have the import function exclude certain subdirectories from being parsed and brought into channels. This could save TONS of disk space by not duplicating unwanted files (“shows”. Could also save eons of time, but not having to hide the files in the channels library.

Specific to the new edit metadata - I was able to import the album by jiggling the file structure by the album name as you suggested.

As i was editing the metadata for the show (in this case the video DVD name) , as well as the individual videos two things came to mind.

1: in the future, in the metadata categories list for the “tv show”, could you eventually add a category called “music videos” , in addition to “home videos”. Its more specific for sorting later down the road.

2: a handy thing that could speed up all the editing for many “home videos” or “music videos”would be to expose the file name right in the editor window. Many of us have descriptive titles in the actual file names. This way it is an easy copy and paste over to the “episode title” without having to jump in and out of the edit window.

Really excited to get all my music videos in channels, and then create a 24 hr virtual channel for each artist.

Temp work around.

In your Television folder create a subdirectory. Place only the content you want channels to see in this directory.

This should not affect plex/kodi as long as the subdirectory is still within the root directory they are Plex is pointed at.

I have updated to DVR release 2022.02.28.1826 and I am still experiencing problems with updating poster artwork on several tv shows.

There are several shows in my collection that behave in this manner, but I cannot see any pattern?

I have recorded a short video depicting this behaviour, can the DEVS advise how I should send the video over? Can’t seem to attach to this post.

We know about this issue, and we can't figure out a pattern either. It's super weird.

Having fun with imported show posters. Found two poster URLs that I liked. Used one to mark episodes with "Apply this poster to all recordings of this show" Box checked first and then applied the second without the Box checked. Now the episode poster is Up Next is different than the show poster in my Collections.

The checkbox just takes the art you're submitting, and writes it to those recordings. If you leave it unchecked, it leaves them alone.

So if you want to fix the art on them, pick a piece of art, use the checkbox to overwrite all the recordings' art. Then do it again for just the Show, without the box checked.

Ive discovered some flakiness with the editor, while working on some home videos. It has to do with editing an individual episode in a show and applying category tags.

When editing a show, if you name an episode before adding a category tag, and then enter the category, i.e sports. The episode name is blanked out. You can then enter the episode name again..

However, if anywhere in the process, you change the episode name, i have observed the old name not getting fully erased in the database, even though you think its gone.

I discovered this by accident when created a virtual channel, and i had some episodes coming up in the guide that didn’t have any artwork, and they had my old names. So somehow now there are some rogue database entries.

Im using the “apply poster to all episode” button and it works on all the episodes, except for the ones i thought i had renamed and have gone rogue, and they are not listed under the show

You need to regenerate the guide

This is great!!
Just the other day I was thinking that this would be a great addition.

Any plans for a related shows or movies section? Or the cast images?

Thank you.


“ So if you want to fix the art on them, pick a piece of art, use the checkbox to overwrite all the recordings' art. Then do it again for just the Show, without the box checked”

Yep i knew this and did it and it worked great.
The issue seemed related to a bunch of entrees in the editor that got out of sync in the guide. This was caused when i changed category tags on a show, and/or changed the title of an episode.

Something got way out of sync and it appeared i had episodes with the old titles in my virtual channel.

Since they never appeared in the editor once their names changed, the “apply to all …” didnt use the poster.

As @tmm1 suggested i regenerated the guide. That fixed all the entries in that virtual channel, so thanks.

I really want to thank the developers for this new feature. I know its still early in beta. I have not really used the virtual channels feature and had been holding that off until “home video” meta data editing support became available.

Today it was so cool to have a virtual channel “broadcasting” music videos in channels.

Then i had a video collections of superbowls, nfl films videos, etc. i had to reorganize them a bit in PLEX, but then it was very cool to import these, edit the metadata, and then create a virtual channel with these.

Thank you developers!! You are awesome!


New dvr pre-release out:

This has been added in the latest dvr beta.

This has also been added in the latest dvr pre-release. Though it's important to know, your recordings need to be labeled with these categories too.

The app uses the recording metadata to do certain things, like use certain nouns inside the app. For example, it uses these to determine if a group of recordings is news or sports. It checks the first recording to do this.

In the future, we'll key off of these new categories like Home Videos and Concerts to present them inside the app a little better.


I'm trying to track this down but can not reproduce it. If anyone could describe the exact steps to do so, it would help. I have recordings that have their Original Air Date set, and the correct date shows.

Maybe a screenshot of the metadata edit screen would help, or, if you have this problem, please submit diagnostics, and tell me the exact show and episode that is causing the issue and I can look at it's data.

Will do.

Nevermind, I see that this is only when showing in Up Next!

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It may be in few other places as well.

Fixed for the next tvOS/iOS beta.

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