Beta: Metadata Editing

The latest DVR pre-release added Internet Videos as a category for metadata editing.


These are great updates. I was manually importing my large folder of live concerts (and copy-pasting each title) but the latest pre-release handling the naming automatically from the filename makes it so much easier. So I started over, and am letting Channels DVR name everything for me. I have about 250 in my collection so this is a major time-saver.

One feature request that would also be nice to see, is multi-edit. I'd love to be able to select many concerts, and then use the "Actions" menu to edit metadata on all of them at once. Put them all into "season 16" (for Coachella 2016, for example) and also to tag them all as "Concerts" so I don't have to do that manually and individually. Or is there a faster way I'm not aware of?

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Cant wait to test this. AWESOMENESS

Hmm this is probably doable. I’ll poke at it. I’ve been thinking about this as well.

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This is available in the latest pre-release.

Note that, this does not exactly edit, because you can't really edit multiple items. It takes what you set, and applies it to all of the recordings you selected.



Another thing that was added today, that I don’t think I mentioned, is that newly imported recordings now inherit the show’s art if it cannot get its own.

For example, if you add a new music video after you’ve set the art for the group/show, it will use the art from thst group without you having to do anything. Previously it had no art.

If you’re scanning something in that has real metadata like a real show, it will use the art like usual.

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Tested out the new version of editor with file name placed by default.


Tested out and working great here. This is superb :+1:t3:

I notice that when I change a selection of concerts from "episodes" to "concerts" that I lose the "favorities" section that shows on the left hand side, too. With a large collection, the "favorites" tag is really useful, can we have it exposed for concerts and other categories too?

Please add a way of using local images in addition to URLs for editing metadata artwork. For music and home videos this is key. Think album artwork, or an artist photo. Its easy to find these images on the web, but not easy at all when you want to crop them to fit the poster and logo requirements. Trivial with an image editor and crop to 4:3 or 16:9 and then import into metadata editor if this could be done locally and not hosted.

Ive got some images that arent ideal aspect ratios that i had to pull off the web.

I tried dropbox and icloud to store my cropped versions, but channels couldnt find the cropped images, and i gave up trying to figure out why, even though i was giving channels their URLS they didnt load.

Doing it locally could be a nice addition, and save a lot of steps.


Yeah this is just some kind of bug. I’ll check it out.

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Any chance recorded status could be exposed/edited here? This would solve a long-standing request...

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I think there is still an issue with Update Art and pick a poster. Based upon what I am seeing, I believe there may be a maximum number of episodes where it just fails and does not change the art of any episode or the show itself. In testing, I have not been able to narrow in on an exact number, but have determined it is not number of seasons that seems to make it fail. The only consistency I can see is that it takes longer to run when there are more episodes and at some point it just straight up fails if there are too many episodes. Even if I do not chose to propagate to the episodes, I cannot change the main poster if there are a lot of episodes. This happens both with Stream Links and personal media.

On my Up Next I am seeing the December 31, 1969 again in Library / Up Next with latest tvOS beta.

Another thing I have noticed is that on other "specials " shows (not series), there is a "show" tag marked in the Categories metadata (from recorded programs on the DVR) that is missing in the edit metadata dropdown. I am able to select and add the other tag "special" that appears in all these one off specials I record. I am getting the series menu instead of the immediate popping up of the episode due to the missing tag. The last image as an example.( my guess)

FWIW, After time, some of these episodes seem to load without the series menu.

I have yet to try my sports recordings, but I am loving this so far!

Yes, this is because it has neither an Episode Title nor an Original Air Date, so it's trying to use the recording date, which is empty, hence that date.

I'll work on auto populating the original air date based on the created at date for the file for unscanned items. For now, if you want to fix this, give it an Original Air Date or Episode Title.


I had an air date in the metadata. I had titles in there at first but it listed it twice on the screens and I thought I was supposed to leave it blank. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I do see how editing a title fixes that issue. Maybe the solution is if the special has the show + special metadata tag that it will pull title data from the episode name from the show's inserted meta data field? Currently, (I'm guessing) it's duplicating that field as its looking for a show name and episode name.

This has frustrated me also, some tv shows just will not apply any art work change in my local library.

I thought I would check your theory out, alas I have a tv show with 39 episodes spanning 4 seasons where the artwork changes fine. But another tv show with 25 episodes spanning 3 seasons where the artwork will not change. Both tv shows are stored on the same external HD, identical file permissions. Just cannot figure out a pattern.

Fixed in the latest dvr pre-release.

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This was a LIE! Sorry guys. This hadn't been merged in yet. That's why I thought I "forgot" to mention it :rofl:. It'll land eventually though.

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This new feature is working great. I'm really enjoying being able to incorporate more of my older media library, tagged nicely into Channels DVR's unified interface. The possibilities now feel (even more) endless...

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This is a UI request that would help anyone editing a very long list of newly imported media like I am. The Edit Metadata window could use a "Save & Next" button, or perhaps a keyboard shortcut, that achieves the the same result (save the edit, and advance to the next recording's metadata window.) This was a big time-saver when I was editing MP3 tags in iTunes back in the day. Managing without either of those means lots of mousing and clicking around.

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