BETA: New Home Page, Settings re-org, and On Boarding

Hate this change. It now takes this many clicks to look at your DVR storage and evaluate deletions (something i do somewhat often):

  1. Homepage
  2. Click Library
  3. Click trash
  4. Click empty trash
  5. Click Settings
  6. Click Status

Aside from moving the "Channels DVR Server" to your requested homepage (which apparently only I like), is there any way to make the dropdowns "hoverable," so that you don't need to click to drop down the menus?

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Think of it this way, this is just exposing the workflow you described as being a bad way of managing this in the first place. It's not like this change added that many clicks in the first place, your described work flow to accomplish what you described is just...bad.

We have plans to create a way to do something like this that's more streamlined in general.


I have not seen the new proposed interface, but:
Please keep the Bon Jour check box on the first page, the "home" page.
I use that fairly often when I get Lost connection or other issues like that, Bon Jour always fixes it.
Even my wife can do that.
If you bury that it will cause me problems :blush:

Seems like it would be easy to setup links inside the browser directly to the pages you use often. You can even have the pages displayed side by side on a PC. You could even put the links/shortcuts right on your PC desktop, if that is what you use.

If you want to be kind to inexperienced users, you will create a link/shortcut to the exact page with the desired option.

Yes, that's what I have set up now, I'm sure it will still work the same...
However, Bon Jour IS on the first "settings" page.
Personally, I have no problems with the current setup.

If you have to do this a lot then you have some other issues going on. Ive been running channels for 3 years and havent ever messed with this setting at all. What I'm saying is you have much bigger problems


Having used Windows' based products for many years, one thing I've had to get used to is that increased functionality eventually necessitates user interface changes that inevitably bury some of the specialized things I'm most familiar with deeper into the menu structure. Change can take a bit to get used to, but I like the increase in functionality as well.

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How about having Trash under both library and DVR? It serves both purposes, and the dropdowns make this a non-issue, space-wise.

The latest dvr pre-release has added an Activity indicator to the navigation that will drop down to show activity. It will light up when there is activity, and go gray when there is none.


Looks great. Perhaps on mobile devices the drop-down can be shifted over a little to the right? Otherwise it gets cut-off slightly. This is on an iPhone 13 Pro Max:


Looks better now. Overall the new Settings layout has grown on me quite a bit. I really appreciate this new UI.

This message did catch my eye:

^ is it, though? Direct precise wording like “No DVR activity” or “DVR Inactive” or “DVR currently idle” might be more appropriate here. Just sayin’.

Interesting or a bug?

I found it a little funny...

Maybe add some crickets chirping?

kind of adds character.

I get things like that a lot and has been that way for a long time.
First time I open the settings page in a browser it doesn't show activity. Have to refresh the web page.


Really, really like this change, actually.

This is much more family friendly - I can have my family go to "" and boom - the guide and library come right up without them being dumped into settings.

It's also a lot cleaner from my Tesla.

The icing on the cake would be the ability to have a "non-admin user" so I could give my family members a different login that "only" get them to the Library and Guide - i.e. they are content consumers but can't adjust the DVR settings.

But so far so good. Really like this change.


This shipped this evening with the latest release. Thanks everyone!

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