Beta Release Notes

I'm interested in understanding the latest changes in beta releases, but I can't find any release notes?

There are no published changelogs for pre-release versions of the DVR server, nor are there any plans to start.

Changelogs for the Apple clients are published in the TestFlight app. I don’t believe there is a regular changelogsfor the Android version, but it might show up in the Play Store if you are enrolled in the beta through that platform.

Ah okay, interesting stance. Just wanted to understand what changes there are so I could try/test...

If testing is needed for a work-in-progress new feature, the devs will post a thread here to notify everyone.

Most of the prereleases are in direct response to support issues (TVE failures, buffering, etc). Notes would only elongate the process, and be of little benefit.

Use the search. There are a few closed threads discussing this topic.

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DVR pre-release notes are now being published.

You can read more about it here:

Not sure where better to suggest this but it would be helpful if instructions for getting the beta onto Fire TV devices could be added to the web page: Channels — Beta Program

Install and launch "Channels DVR" from the Amazon App Store, then click Settings > Player > Support > Install Channels DVR Beta