Blank line showing for random channel on guide grid

See image. (ch 9.1)

This happens intermitently for random channels. It eventually self-corrects later after undetermined time lapse.

Is there a fix/work-around to stop this from happening?

Running DVR Server v2023.08.18.2205 on Win10 PC. Running client on Fire TV (v7.6.5.2).

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I have noticed the same thing on my FireTV. One of the first 5 seemiingly random channels listed goes blank in the guide if I move right a couple of hours. I don't use the guide too much never reported it. It seems to fail consistently after several minutes of watching live TV.

Thx for reporting and confirming it's not just me. We now know there at least two users with this problem.

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I have noticed a few blank spots but they always in the far left closest to the channel number block. Is for the current airing program that is missing.

Other times, the guide data on the client device is not updated, cause the app was dormant, not closed out. Closeting it out, force close or whatever, then reopen, loads the guide. Same with the Recordings screen. (Apple TV though)

Yes, I also see another bug in the guide. If I hold down the move right key continually going to the future then the guide eventually will lock up on me before it reaches the end of the guide time. When it stops nothing is showing to be selected. The developers are not that fond of FireTV s/w, it is apparently buggy, so I try to live with some of the bugs.


I understand and don't disagree with what you're saying but it seems crazy that Fire TV is "buggy" after all these years. Surely Amazon has the resources to diagnose and fix bugs!

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These bugs have been around forever.... maybe sometime they will look at them and fix them.
Ghost Channels is another.


I have only noticed bugs using Channels DVR, at any rate the Channels developers have a problem with the FireTV OS. They support it plenty fine for me. I like the Firestick 4k Max, it has been a great device for me and my family. I will give up Channels DVR before I would quit using the FireTV.

This is not only a Fire thing, it happens on my 2019 Shield Pro client using a Win10 server.

[edit] Actually, I usually stop before it locks and see the times are way off in relation to the shows.

What do you mean by "dormant"? Idle? In any case, if the app is running, it should receive updates via the server (where the guide is managed - see 'Guide Database' in server Settings). ATM, my server settings 'Guide Database' Maintenance shows "Last refreshed 21 hours ago". No idea what the guide update frequency is - but's it's over 21 hours for sure. Not good - that's too long.

Almost a week since this thread began. Any progress on a fix/work-around to prevent the blank-line problem? Or, at least a supposition re the cause? Thx.

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Dormant, meaning is in background/suspended. I am not sure what Apple call it.
U can see the app in the App switcher. But am using other apps. It is not fully closed unless use close the app (force quite or app switcher the litte X on Andorid TV)


One thing I failed to mention earlier - when a blank line on the guide is present, it's impossible to scroll vertically either up or down. In this event, the only way to navigate is to scroll horizontally left or right beyond the blank line area and then scroll either up or down. This is happening daily.

Obviously this is extremely frustrating. My wife is very unhappy and wants to return to using Tablo instead of Channels.

Since reporting this problem over a month ago, we've not seen a solution come forth nor any workaround.

Meantime, we've submitted numerous diagnosis reports with no response.

We're running low on patience and need a solution soon.

I have now determined how to induce the blank guide failure consistently.

  1. Restart/reboot FireTV
  2. Run Channels DVR released or current beta version.
  3. Select and play any channel for at least few seconds.
  4. Stop playing and exit the app.
  5. Run the same Channels DVR app again.
  6. View the guide.
  7. You will see a blanked section of guide on only the channel that was played starting at about 4 or 8 hours from the current time.
  8. If you run another lower number channel and then rerun Channels DVR the blank section will change. But it will never go to another higher number until you completely do a FireTV restart.

I have been able to consistently reproduce the failure on my Firestick TV 4K Max and on my Chromecast Google TV. I was not able to force the failure on my Sony Google TV. I believe it has a powerful processor than my other devices.

The best work around for now is to run Setup/Applications and choose your Channels DVR app and Force Close. Then I believe you can run it without the failure occurring until you stop the app. Or if you play the first channel in your guide the blank will move to that channel and at least it will not inferfere with guide movement. My first channel number is something that I will never watch so I will just run it first for a few seconds.

Hopefully the developers will have some time fix this, if they can.

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Much thanks Michael!

Very informative and glad to know it's reproduceable and not just me doing something weird. And thanks for your efforts. Surely there are other users who've encountered the "blank line". (?)

I'll try the "Force Stop" work-around and see what happens.

I'm using a Fire TV Stick 4K running Fire OS and Channels 4.6.5 and I went through the steps and was unable to replicate the issue.

For step 4, do you mean stopping playing by hitting the back button and then hitting the home button, or just hitting the home button? I've tried both approaches and it did not cause a blanked section.

Not sure if this is applicable or helpful, but FWIW I've only seen this sort of thing happen when a channel I've added to CDVR is mapped to an east coast channel. Usually after a reboot or a force-quit / re-launch, I see those blank segments in the guide. In those cases I use a +3 offset, so the guide data is correct, since I'm on the west coast.

Example with a channel added via Chrome Capture:

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="MTV Classic" tvg-shift="+3",MTV Classic

And sure enough, within 3 hours the current guide for those channels get filled in.

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I just use the back button to exit and then restart the app. The guide for the channel that was played would be missing when I moved to future several hours. I do have about 130 OTA channels. Maybe I will try deleting some of the channels to see if it still happens. I don't do anything fancy like Fofer refers.

My FireTV OS for my Max is I don't think it has anything to do with the OS, since I was able to duplicate the failure with my Chromecast Google TV. I think they are very different OS versions. The failure even shows up on my TVE channels. I will connect my Firestick 4k not Max tomorrow and see if it fails for me.

I've tried 5 more times to replicate this issue and I really can't get it to happen. I'll try it on my Chromecast Google TV.