BTN Missing After Pre-release Update

Wondering if this is the future of TVE?

Certainly hope not. Channels should be the future of TVE.


I made some progress today and have the new site about 75% integrated. Hopefully should be ready on Monday.


That is great news. Thank you for the update.
Whatever they're paying you ain't enough!

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Awesome, thanks for your hard work as always

Any update on this?

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Just wondering about that myself.

Just checked for update & tried rescanning BTN. Nothing yet

Unfortunately, neither of the providers I use are available. But I will keep an eye out.
Thank you for the tip.

Please try with v2021.09.07.2021


Fixed. Thank you.

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I'll try updating. Thanks for the reply

Question: is this update under Stable or Pre-release?

If it was stable your DVR would automatically update to it without you trying.

Duh. That makes sense. Sorry about that

Just checked & mine updated to pre-release 2021.09.07.2040.

Rescanned BTN. I'm seeing it's available - which is good. But it's now assigned to the same channel number as FoxSports 2 (6198) instead of its original channel number - 6199.


Looks like I made a typo. I'll upload a fix now.