MSG and YES Networks

How about using some of those skills in getting msg back!



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Go to Sign in using the credentials of your provider. Grab the m3u8 streams ending in 0.m3u8 and use the Custom Channels function to watch on Channels.

The same m3u8's have been working for months for me.

Yes! If anyone has any info on getting MSG into Channels, please let us know! Been waiting since I signed up for Channels DVR almost a year ago for MSG. That would make Channels perfect for my needs.

MSG uses DRM on their web feeds. If you have access to an official feed that is not DRM-encumbered then we'd love to see that, true. However, the official feeds are not presently in a format that can be brought into Channels.

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Gotcha, thanks!

I post this earlier in case you missed it. As I mentioned, I grabbed the m3u8's from the "MSG GO" website months ago and they aren't DRM and still work today.

My apologies readmad001, but I'm a very basic channels user and really have no idea how this stuff works! :wink: I just did some research and tried the following:

  • Using Google Chrome browser (I'm on an iMac) and grabbed an extension called Video Sniffer. I logged into MSGGO and clicked on the "watch" and then the current feed. I then copied the m3u8 url that the extension showed above the feed and pasted it into the Custom Channels on my Channels Server. It loaded as a source with 74 different "channels" all of which were jumbled messes and didn't work!
    As I said, I really don't know what I'm doing here, but I'll continue tinkering!
    Thanks for the message!

You're not alone. I'm a very basic Channels user as well. Still learning my way around. I tried I didn't get very far - my tv providers aren't yet available.

If yours is, might be worth a go. Channels community is helpful if you run into trouble.

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Thank you sooooo much!! I tried just the normal MSG so far, with the info from your screenshot and I think it worked!

I am glad it worked for you. And by the way, you can do the same for the YES Network. Non-DRM and has also been working for months.

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Thanks for these suggestions! I think I'm really close to figuring all this out. I used a sniffer plugin in Chrome and copied the m3u8 link, entered it into the Custom Channels and recorded a hockey game from MSG. But the quality of the recording was extremely poor. According to the Show Stats, the native resolution seems to be only 384x216. Has anyone else run into this, how do you fix this?


You don't need a plugin to grab the m3u8 link. While you are in Chrome and have the video playing, pressing Shift+Ctrl+I (that's the "i" key) will bring up the developer mode. Go to the "Network" tab and type "m3u8" into the search box to filter out only the m3u8 links. Right click on one of the 0.m3u8 links and copy the link address.

The 0.m3u8 link should be in 1080p @ 60fps. You can check to see if the link works by pasting it into your browser's (Chrome & Firefox with a HLS plugin) url. Once you know that it works you can then put the link into Channels. Had mine set up this way pretty since MSG went to DRM and I never needed to update with a new link. Still working today with the same 0.m3u8 link.

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Thanks for that tip! The pluggin I was using located a number of different m3u8 links. One of them was in fact 0.m3u8 and the stream looks great now!
I tried doing the same thing with the News 12 Long Island online stream. But after adding it to Channels, the video is working, but I get no audio. Anyone experience something like this?

No luck myself with any of the News 12 streams on Channels. I think a couple of Channels users also tried without much luck. The stream would work for 30 seconds, then the audio would cut out, comes back but goes out of sync with the video.

My setup is Channels server feeding the streams to TiviMate. TiviMate is my front-end client as I like their user interface more. So I just add all the News 12 streams as a separate playlist in TiviMate. It has no problem handling whatever issues Channels has with the audio in the News 12 streams. And TiviMate can also record in case you need to.

So today is opening day in hockey and my MSG Go recording is failing miserably. I am able to watch live using the guide in channels dvr, but I'm attempting to record the game to watch it later. It looks like it's recording, but it's just a spinning circle and never plays. After waiting a really long time, i see a blank black screen that says MSGNetworks, but it won't let me fast forward or skip ahead at all. The app crashed a couple of times and I simply can't start watching the recording. Any ideas what's going on? All of my other recordings are working just fine

I have had success, in situation where you have to grab the m3u8 link from a particular channel's web page, by playing in Tivimate. I remember getting the spinning circle as well using some or all of Channel's clients. But that went away when I used Tivimate to watch.

This might not be a perfect solution but if you have access to Tivimate, try to record from both Channels & Tivimate and see if you have any success in each. I would also make sure the m3u8 link is fairly up to date before you do the recording.

I subscribed to tivimate for the year but I didn't set it to record using both. What do you mean by grabbing the m3u8 link using tivimate? I thought I had to go to the msggo web page from my computer and using Chrome to grab the m3u8. I refreshed the link this morning hoping it would work. It would be nice to find an easier way to refresh the link

I meant playing the link or using that link to record in Tivimate