Bug: Navigation menu disappears

FireTV Bug.

When navigating left for the left navigation, around 5% of the time the navigation just disappears and the selection rests on the items behind it; as if you clicked right and closed the left hand popup.

It can happen anywhere in the UI and isnt limited to one specific area (ie: moving left within the tv guide).

hardware is a Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

also happens with the beta app.


I've been seeing this bug too, usually after resuming from sleep when the Channels app was already open in the foreground, or re-opening the Channels app from the system launcher after Channels was running in the background. Been happening for a while, still present in latest beta v2023.02.03.2239. I'm using a Fire TV Stick 4K.

Client diagnostics submitted as 6ead3ee1-bb2d-4ed2-9ec1-cc0ee2cf0fbb

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It especially happens when navigating the guide heavily. It's the main reason I asked for the option of picking a date and time in the guide without having to click 700 times on Tuesday to find out what's airing on Sunday.

This is Fire Stick 4K Max for me by the way.

I also see and submit diagnostics every single time for, many full on crashes of the app when navigating. It happens on all of my Fire Stick 4K Max devices. Also "Mark Previous as Watched" marks many many episodes after as Watched as well.