Bug: Up Next does not update


When viewing all of the Up Next recordings (fullscreen, by selecting the More tile), deletions made do not update the listing.

For example, let's say the program I want to watch has been pushed off the first 7 shows listed (forcing you to select More to get the complete listing). Here are the steps to replicate this:

  • Navigate to the show you wish to watch
  • Select the show, bringing up the episode information pop-up
  • Select Watch and view the program
  • After the program completes, you return to the Up Next listing with the episode pop-up as it was before viewing
  • Chose the Delete Episode button, where you are then returned to the Up Next listing
  • The selection is on the same show you just watched, and the label of the episode shows the title of the episode that was just viewed, and deleted
  • If you select the show again, you are presented with an empty episode pop-up

At first I thought this was happening because I was remotely connected. However, after trying it again tonight on a local connection, the problem is the same.

I can understand not immediately moving the show to the head of the list, as that would be quite jarring to the user—especially if you are far down on the list. Normally though I would expect the show to update its information to display the title of the next unwatched episode—and to display the information for the next episode when it is selected. Having to back out to Up Next/Recent rows in order to see the actual next episode is a small hassle, and I'm not certain but I think the current behavior is not what was intended.


Yea this is a bug. The More listing for Up Next is not auto-updating. The same bug may exist on Apple TV as well.


I believe the same thing happens with the full listing of Recent recordings, too.

At least y'all are aware, which is a good thing knowing it's (somewhere) on the todo list.